Product Spotlight - March 2023

Product Spotlight - March 2023

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Remote systems keep workers out of harm’s way

An easy way to avoid workplace accidents and increase efficiency is to move personnel away from active machinery while allowing them to maintain control. At least, that’s the thought process behind Tele Radio’s broad line of industrial radio control remotes. 

Tele Radio has three lines of customizable remotes for vacuum truck and jetter applications — the Panther, Tiger and TEQ lines. Each uses communication protocols and software that allows operating machinery from a distance without compromising operator or machine safety.

Each remote can adapt to different types of jetters and vacuum trucks providing simple on/off capabilities, to full proportional control, integrated logic and feedback from every machine function.

“These systems are designed for industrial applications,” says Elena Barceló, marketing specialist for Tele Radio. “They are extremely rugged, easy to use and built to operate in the harshest of environments with dust- and moisture-proof ratings of up to IP-67. ”According to Barceló, there are multiple advantages of remote communication. Tele Radio’s line of remotes are capable of controlling pump action, tank tilt and hose arms on vacuum trucks and when paired with robotic jetters, they can provide access to areas otherwise unreachable.

“The greatest benefit of direct access to the machine from a distance is that it makes jobs more efficient, increasing productivity and adding a level of safety.” Barceló says. “Operators working inside buildings or basements can control the jetting unit remotely without the need for walkie-talkie communication to a teammate at the machine’s control panel.”

She also adds that should an emergency occur, operators can shut down the system immediately rather than having to make their way back to the equipment losing valuable time.

Remotes are available in 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies for interference-free operation even if multiple systems are in use in the same area at the same time. “System configurations include simplex, but also full duplex communication,” Barceló says. “Which allows for visual feedback from the machine directly to our transmitter’s screen or its LEDs.”

Tele Radio systems offer flexibility, with a variety of field programmable options or they can alternatively use custom software to accommodate more complex applications. 866-629-0780;


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