Easy Grit Removal with Screenco Systems

Easy Grit Removal with Screenco Systems

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The all new Grit Eliminator from Screenco Systems, designed using simple gravity technology, keeps your on-site storage grit free, which allows for gravity off-load at up to 500 gpm. Features includes stainless steel channel with removable stainless baffles for easy clean-out. Lightweight aluminum lids with gaskets and simple cam over fasteners allow for easy access for maintenance and cleaning. The units are portable with a 6-inch cam inlet and outlet. Set at a 2 percent grade between the inlet and outlet, allowing simple gravity technology to do the work for you. The grit removal system simply cams into the flow stream of any of our dual screen units, once the trash has been removed. The unit can also be placed in any on-site flow stream for easy grit removal. Four models are available with capacities that range from 15 to 31.5 cubic feet of grit removal before clean-out is necessary. 

For more information, call 208/790-8770 or visit www.screencosystems.com


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