Inside the November 2008 Issue of Pumper

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Go With the Flow
Whether it’s drainfield rejuvenation or stringent requirements for farm worker sanitation, Colorado’s Brown’s Septic Service adapts to new demands in their rural market
On the Campaign Trail
Ohio pumper Tim Kettler vies for a seat in state senate
Private Disposal is a Work in Progress
A letter came in the mail the other day from a Pumper reader (who preferred not to be named), exasperated over the state of septage disposal in his Midwestern region.
Surf’s Up!
If you haven’t done so yet, it’s a good time to catch a wave and ride the World Wide Web to greater exposure for your business
Here, Kitty Kitty
Creative Ohio pumper uses suction power to pull a frightened cat from an abandoned pipe
When Prices Soar
Here are five strategies to help your business make it through today’s difficult times and be prepared for better times ahead
Fueling the Conversation
Deriving energy from grease trap waste is a hot topic at the NAWT Waste Treatment Symposium
Signs of a Failing Tank
Depression in the ground over a septic tank leads cautious pumper to uncover a potentially deadly situation
Repair, Rejuvenate or Replace
What factors help you decide the best course of action when you encounter a failing septic system?
The Problem Solver
California pumper Richard Davis relishes coming up with solutions to common issues, whether it’s building a more convenient equipment trailer, an inexpensive fix for a customer’s septic system or recycling grease for fuel
New Fees Trouble Rhode Island Pumper
Septic system monitoring fees may prompt homeowners to delay necessary repairs or upgrades, leading to a negative environmental impact, says Darlene Gardner
Ontario Tightens Controls in Large-Scale Systems
The Ontario, Canada, Ministry of the Environment is enforcing the use of a Municipality Responsibility Agreement, which stops the development or expansion of communal systems greater than 2,500 gpd if an agreement isn’t in place.
Ask Homeowner for a Helping Hand
They may not want to hear it, but septic system rejuvenation or better upkeep frequently starts and ends with a family’s poor water-use habits
PolyPortables Inc. Family Room
A new family-friendly restroom from PolyPortables Inc. helps portable restroom operators respond to requests for units large enough to accommodate both kids and parents.
Industry News - November 2008
Lenzyme Installs Solar Heating Panels; Liberty Among Fastest Growing Companies
Extend Your Hand
The people you meet at the Pumper & Cleaner Expo might help you solve a nagging problem or give you business ideas worth their weight in gold