Toddler dies after falling into uncovered septic tank

Florida tragedy is still being investigated

A 2-year-old Starke, Fla., boy went missing Wednesday evening and was found dead in a septic tank with a broken concrete lid only steps from his home. Police said on Thursday that the death of Aiden Howard appears to have been an accident, but one that could have easily been prevented.

Several tragedies like this one have been reported in recent memory, with children falling into improperly maintained septic tanks. In this case, local Sheriff Gordon Smith told several media outlets that the toddler’s death could have been easily prevented. News accounts said the tank contained liquid contents and had to be pumped to discover the boy’s body.

"These types of situations are totally inexcusable because somebody was too sorry, too lazy or negligent to cover a hole in a septic tank and apparently had been unclosed for some period of time," Sheriff Smith told Smith said the investigation is continuing 

See a video news report about the breaking news here

The boy’s death is another terrible reminder about the importance of maintaining septic tanks to keep them safe. This appears to be an extreme case of ignoring a dangerous situation, but it prompts the question: Have you run into a tank on a service call that was so neglected, with unsecured or broken lids? We’ll monitor this alarming story in the days ahead.

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