Pentair Water displayed the Jung Pumpen G3D Series Submersible Grinder at the 2012 Pumper & Cleaner Expo.

Advanced High Torque Cutting System
Maximum Torque: Better disintegration of solids & fibrous matter
Adjustable Self-Cleaning Blades: Longer blade life and lower maintenance costs
IntelligentTrash-Rejection: Prevents clogging and preserves blades and motor

High Efficiency Motor

Continuous-Duty Rated: Maintains performance specs at 100% duty cycle
Air Cooled: Outperforms oil-filled motors for superior cooling
Oil-Free: Cleaner maintenance and no oil-disposal issues

Superior Seals

Silicon-Carbide Mechanical Seals: Superior abrasion resistance
Dry-Run Safe: Conducts heat from the seal when pump is run dry
Double Seal With Leak Detection: Redundant seals with alert system if seals fail