The PolyJohn WaterWorks Fresh Water Delivery system uses an on-demand electrical pump to deliver up to 93 gallons of fresh water whenever it’s needed. It works wherever people work, including office trailers, food service trailers, tool cribs and lunchrooms.

The system is also the perfect accessory to portable showers, sinks and freshwater portable flush toilets.

Easy to install, service, clean and transport

  • Only 46 pounds empty, it can be carried to the service site by one person.
  • The dimensions, 60 inches high by 23 inches wide, are designed to fit inside even the smallest closet.
  • It can be plumbed to fill from outside the trailer.
  • When it is time to empty and remove it, water quickly drains through its 1-inch valve.
  • Cleaning the inside is easy through the 10-inch-diameter access cover at the top.
  • The tank is semi-transparent so customers or service personnel can tell at a glance how much water is left.