Doing the dirty work as a pumper isn’t easy, and it can be a thankless job at times. That’s part of the reason the ServiceCore team is promoting its Hug A Pumper campaign in which people can nominate those deserving of appreciation in the liquid waste industry.

Nominees will receive a few goodies in the mail, including a Hug A Pumper hat and bumper sticker. They’ll also be featured in the Hall of Fame, entered into a drawing for a 50-inch flat-screen TV, and given a shoutout to their company on Facebook and Twitter.

“Anyone who works in the liquid waste industry can tell you it isn’t the easiest way to make a living,” said ServiceCore managing partner John Gadeken. “Hug A Pumper was created as an initiative to recognize the people in this industry and to show them that their work is appreciated.

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“So if you have someone in mind who has done exceptional work, gone above and beyond, or just deserves a shoutout, then please head to and nominate them today.”

It’s worth noting that the site includes a promise that the company isn’t collecting information to market or sell you products. “That wouldn’t be very nice of us,” the site reads. “Hug A Pumper was created to show pumpers some love.”

For more information, call ServiceCore at 855/499-8959. ServiceCore is a company based out of Denver and is comprised of software engineers, developers and usability engineers who work with septic service companies.

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