Color-keyed padlocks secure portable restrooms against paper theft

Problem: Nearly 20 years ago, a southeast Georgia portable restroom operator faced additional instances of paper theft from its units deployed at special events. When the theft added up to hundreds of units, it made a large cut into the company’s profit margin. The company also took hits to its reputation as users complained about units being low on supplies.

Solution: The company turned to Lock America, its self-storage lock provider. The company offers brass economy padlocks keyed alike in five distinct colors to match the most common portable restrooms. Chrome-plated brass shackles and brass bodies make them long lasting and virtually rust-proof.

Result: The company reported the locks halted paper product theft, deterred vandalism and enhanced customer service. 800/422-2866;

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Vacuum flush units help music festival conserve water

Problem: Organizers of Sweden Rock, a large annual music festival, sought an efficient solution to providing portable sanitation.

Solution: Together with partners Bajamaja/Several AB and JetsGroup, Sanitrax International provided a placement of 300 vacuum restrooms. The units are a part of the Sanitrax Sanitary Concept, a retractable, containerized mobile restroom unit housing multiple self-contained toilets, showers, wash basins and urinals that rely on vacuum flush technology. The technology can provide up to a 90 percent reduction of water usage compared to conventional gravity flushing toilets, which Sanitrax promotes for festivals/events, humanitarian aid/disaster relief, field base camps and temporary construction sites. The system is designed to be easily scalable and deployable, with efficient transport options and an environmentally friendly flushing system.

Result: The units helped Sweden Rock save more than 528,000 gallons of freshwater during the 2016 festival.

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