Here are three pieces of equipment that caught my eye at the WWETT Show.

Although it’s no longer solely dedicated to the pumping industry, the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show has a staggering amount of trucks and other pumping paraphernalia on the show floor. It takes some careful planning for attendees to see everything they want to see here in the Indiana Convention Center.

This is my second time at the WWETT Show and I’m still blown away by the vastness of the exhibit hall and the huge variety of products and equipment on display. Here’s just a sampling of what caught my eye while walking the floor this week:

The STB4012K trailer jetter from Cam Spray is a more powerful update on the popular STB series. It features a 300-gallon tank, an electric start engine with a remote throttle, and an Udor pump that delivers 12 gpm at 4,000 psi. The already compact, industrial-coated trailer unit has a sliding tongue to allow for easy storage.

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Chandler Equipment displayed the continuous-duty RVC210 vacuum pump. Suitable for a portable restroom pumper truck, the pump is meant to be mounted right behind the cab where it’s easily accessed for side-load operation. The oil tank can be independently mounted. The compact setup allows for simple installation.

Explorer Trailers - McKee Technologies brought its heavy-duty Comfort Station restroom trailer to display. The heavily insulated trailer boasts hot-water wash, flush toilets, stainless steel fixtures, and a large sewage storage tank. The Comfort Station is a versatile trailer, used for everything from special events to mining and construction sites.

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