Weekly Flush: Pumper Caught Illegally Dumping While Already Facing Charges for Illegally Dumping

Also in this week's septic-related news, a former county commissioner is found guilty for the second time for his refusal to comply with local septic system ordinances

Weekly Flush: Pumper Caught Illegally Dumping While Already Facing Charges for Illegally Dumping

A septic services company owner from Rogersville, Tennessee, got caught allegedly dumping raw sewage in a field while he already had charges pending for a similar incident in February.

Authorities received an anonymous tip that Robert Price of Price Septic Service was dumping illegally again. When police arrived on the scene, they say they found Price’s septic truck on the side of the road and a freshly dug hole full of liquid waste was adjacent to the vehicle.

Price told police he’d driven his truck into the field and got stuck in the mud and that the only way he could get the vehicle pulled out was to dump the sewage. It doesn’t sound like they believed him, though, as he left the scene in custody.

To make matters worse, Price had a revoked driver’s license and forged registration for the septic truck. Another septic services company came to pump out the hole in the ground, and miraculously, it didn’t get stuck in the mud getting the job done.

You’ve all had those customers who claim their septic tanks don’t need to be pumped out — that it has been doing just fine on its own the past 20 years. Recently, in Pennington County, South Dakota, that customer was a former county commissioner.

The man, George Ferebee, refuses to properly maintain his septic system and was found guilty twice for violating septic system laws.

Ferebee originally opposed the county’s regulations on septic systems, calling them government overreach. He was later found to be in violation and ordered to pay a $200 fine. He has since appealed that decision and repeatedly refused to comply, arguing that his system had been grandfathered in.

His efforts were in vain, however, as a circuit court judge affirmed Ferebee’s earlier conviction.

Meanwhile, a man in Algoma, Michigan, survived after getting stuck in a septic tank during an attempt to rescue his dog. According to family members on the scene, the man slipped and fell into the tank while trying to pull the dog out.

Firefighters were called to the scene and were able to extract the man from the tank, but the dog didn’t survive.

It’s admirable the man loved his dog enough to justify such a dangerous maneuver, but he’s lucky to be alive. Fire officials say he was completely submerged in liquid waste.


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