Product News: February 2018

Check out the latest product offerings for the pumping industry
Product News: February 2018
Villella Products has a new line of extra-long sewer vent defrosters.

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Villella Products LLC/Sewer Skewer XL vent defroster
Villella Products, the corporation behind Sewer Skewer, has a new line of extra-long sewer vent defrosters. The Sewer Skewer XL comes with an attachment that can extend the copper pipe to reach more deeply into sewer vents. When assembled, the device extends 47 inches. The defrosters use copper technology and solar heat to free sewer vents from ice blockages that cause sewer gas buildup in homes during low temperatures. The copper T-pipe is placed into any size sewer vent and can be left in year-round. With the copper pipe in place, vents will be kept free of ice at temperatures as cold as 25 degrees below zero. 701-371-2327

Water Cannon Inc. – MWBE wet sandblasting kit
The wet sandblasting kit from Water Cannon Inc. – MWBE is designed to remove unwanted surface contamination such as rust, scale, loose paint, barnacles and debris. The sand and high-pressure water work together using venturi siphon technology to more safely clean metals, concrete and other similar surfaces. The kit quick-connects to the end of a commercial pressure washer wand and works on 3,000 to 6,000 psi systems. It automatically draws sand through a 26-foot reinforced, lightweight feed hose using an engineered self-venting pickup tube. The venturi siphon technology eliminates the need for an air-feed system or other heavy and bulky equipment. 800-333-9274

Water Cannon Inc. - MWBE 12-volt fluid transfer pump
The EF4000 Everflo 12-volt diaphragm pump from Water Cannon Inc. - MWBE is designed for fluid transfer applications, agricultural sprayers and spot sprayers. The lightweight and versatile pump comes equipped with a polypropylene housing and valve plate, Viton valves, and a Santoprene diaphragm. It also features a low-demand switch that automatically turns the pump on and off as flow is required. This feature eliminates the need for a pressure regulator or bypass valve, increasing efficiency, according to the maker. Power is only used when the pump flow is in demand. It is self-priming up to 8 feet and has a maximum fluid temperature of 140 degrees F. 800-333-9274


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