20 Years of Bio-Microbics Fixed Integrated Treatment Technologies

20 Years of Bio-Microbics Fixed Integrated Treatment Technologies

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For over 20 years, Bio-Microbics has provided homeowners, builders, land developers, commercial property owners, and (for more than 30 years) ship owners, with reliable water and wastewater treatment solutions to address better onsite water management.

Bio-Microbics was established on April 18, 1996, to manufacture FAST wastewater treatment systems for single family homes. Thus, its first product was the SingleHomeFAST System available in only one model size. From one person (the president, Robert (Bob) J. Rebori) and this one product, Bio-Microbics quickly gained four more people and moved into a 5,400-square-foot office space in Lenexa, Kansas. By the end of 1996, Bio-Microbics introduced two products with three sizes (MicroFAST 0.5, 0.9, and HighStrengthFAST 1.0) and did away with the very limiting name of SingleHomeFAST in favor of more fitting product names for commercial applications and retrofitting projects. During this same time, SeptiTech was founded with their own trickling filter system for treating wastewater, now known as the SeptiTech STAAR Filter System.

In August 1999, Bio-Microbics purchased 4 acres in Shawnee, Kansas, and began construction of the 47,000-square-foot warehouse, which currently stands as the global headquarters for Bio-Microbics. With adding newer, larger systems such as MyFAST, Bio-Microbics has outgrown this facility and has actively looked to double or even triple the facility.

As the Bio-Microbics MicroFAST and HighStrengthFAST grew in model sizes and treatment options, it has introduced a total of four wastewater treatment technologies — submerged fixed-film, trickling filter, extended aeration and membrane bioreactors; three stormwater technologies — pre-engineered filtration, litter control screening and linear rainwater filtration for impervious surfaces; multiple aeration and screening devices; advancing brinemaker and sodium hypochlorite generator technologies; as well as introducing a line of environmentally friendly, biodegradable cleaners, laundry detergents and maintenance tablets.

“All of this growth is due to good people, good policies and good products,” said Bob Rebori. “We constantly reinvest in the companies, R&D, products and tools to provide the most advanced and proven technologies for multiple markets, applications and industries. Bio-Microbics is truly focused on all aspects of wastewater treatment and water recycling techniques. I am pleased with what we’ve accomplished in 20 years and look forward to all we have planned on the horizon.”

The facilities have gone under major renovations (a few employees refer to this period as the “Great Flood,” when the small drinking fountain in the main hallway broke overnight and prompted a change of carpet, new office structure and updating some office equipment). It was a struggle and inconvenience, but the Bio-Microbics employees persevered and worked as a team to get through it. During the past 20 years, many employees have experienced personal and professional achievements that were all celebrated, as have the Bio-Microbics technologies and company as a whole. 

Today, Bio-Microbics is comprised of three very good companies with the successes of its subsidiaries SeptiTech and Scienco/FAST, not to mention a lot of really good product lines. Bio-Microbics is in over 70 countries with roughly 60,000 systems and growing. Bio-Microbics intends to continue to bring awareness for how the most complex water challenges are easily addressed with simple, low-cost, robust treatment technologies … FITT for the purpose intended.

Thank you for your continued support and efforts for Bio-Microbics. Here’s to 20 more years of Better Water for a Better World! To view the celebration video and more updates to the upcoming 20th Celebration Dinner planned in May, visit www.biomicrobics.com/about-us-bio-microbics/20-years-better-water-better-world/.


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