Ecoflo: 20 Years of Innovation in Water Preservation

Ecoflo: 20 Years of Innovation in Water Preservation

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Global leader Premier Tech Aqua (PTA), the Environmental Technologies Group of Premier Tech, celebrates 20 years of innovation and success in water preservation with its leading-edge and ecological onsite wastewater treatment system: Ecoflo.

A permanent, durable and no energy septic system based on a compact filter technology, Ecoflo fully protects ecosystems using a patented, 100 percent organic filtering media made from discarded coco husks to which PTA gives a second life.

Easily composted and recyclable at the end of its useful life, the coco-husk-fragment-based filtering media, with its multiple levels of porosity, is an active and highly efficient microbiological filter that also acts as a barrier that retains pollutants and debris. The exceptional biofiltration qualities of the coco media inside the Ecoflo thus offers the unique possibility of treating wastewater naturally with great efficiency but also to reduce the long-term environmental impact of the product.

Ensuring the ecological use of the coconut tree and creating no unwanted trash at the end of the useful life of its filter, Ecoflo now leads the way as the greenest solution available on the market and the preferred choice of environmentally conscious consumers looking for a smarter way to ensure the protection of water resources.

Invented in Québec and now built in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, Ecoflo is currently the world’s leading brand in compact onsite wastewater treatment systems for the residential, commercial, community and institutional sectors. Each system registered with PTA is supported by high-quality customer care standards, and a unique network of local service partners committed to meeting the most stringent requirements in environmental protection.

The 20th anniversary year of Ecoflo will also highlight the innovative spirit of the team behind the award-winning brand in a major way as PTA will soon launch two new and game-changing versions of the system and introduce it in additional American states and European countries. Further extending its existing product line, PTA will now offer the most complete and advanced line of wastewater treatment products in the onsite industry.

Ecoflo redefines the market with energy-efficient onsite wastewater filtration technology that relies on sustainable filtering media instead of the mineral or synthetic materials often used by other systems (rock wool, plastic, foam, textile, etc.). As with any filter treating wastewater, the filtering media inside Ecoflo has to be replaced after years of usage. But the choice of a natural filtering media that produces a biomass that can be recycled as a rich soil amendment ideal for growing trees and shrubs in nurseries or as a source for renewable energy – is an environmental breakthrough.

Putting at work nature and human imagination, the Ecoflo product line is the result of 30 years of continued investment in innovation and of the work of the largest team of experts, scientists, engineers and technicians in the industry. Pushing the limits of sustainable compact biofilter technologies offering high performances and durability at competitive prices to consumers, the team behind the brand has focused on improving Ecoflo since the introduction of the technology in 1995. Thanks to these passionate and dedicated experts committed to constantly challenging themselves to invent better, more compact and more ecological products, PTA now looks to the future and remains ahead of industry trends.

Reaching the milestone of 100,000 units installed in 17 countries in 2015, the Ecoflo brand has evolved into a complete line of wastewater treatment and polishing options suitable for all soil conditions and flow requirements and meeting the strictest effluent norms. Designed to resist the harshest climates and periods of no-flow as well as peak flows, the system is available in ready-to-use rotomolded polyethylene tanks, stackable fiberglass shells as well as concrete tanks made by local precasters to further reduce the carbon footprint of the product.

The continuous development of the Ecoflo technological platform and the drive to design better, smaller and smarter products have also enabled Premier Tech Aqua to become a world-leading provider of small-flow water and wastewater solutions, including liquid storage, pumping stations and the highly promising sector of rainwater harvesting. Strengthened by the experience of a dynamic team of over 900 team members who ensure a local presence in nine countries, an extensive product portfolio and global sales reaching CA$140 million annually, Premier Tech Aqua is undoubtedly one of the leaders and pioneers of its industry.  

Speaking about the amazing 20 years of Ecoflo and the arrival of two new and industry-changing products, Henri Ouellet, president of Premier Tech’s Environmental Technologies Group says, “The story of Ecoflo and why our teams challenged themselves relentlessly over the years to build and improve an already great product can be summarized into one word: passion. Passion for the environment and for innovation, but most importantly, a true commitment to preserving and protecting precious water resources all over the world. The arrival of new Ecoflo versions and the development of untapped markets are always exciting events for our teams, but doing so during Ecoflo’s 20th anniversary celebrations is even more exciting for us. We are truly grateful to the homeowners and professionals who trust Ecoflo as they have been key to its success. Stay tuned, the next Ecoflo breakthrough is always around the corner!”

About Premier Tech Aqua
As one of Premier Tech’s Business Units for over 20 years, Premier Tech Aqua (PTA) is a world leader in onsite and decentralized solutions for water and wastewater treatment, but also for liquid storage, stormwater management, pump stations and rainwater harvesting. Specializing in the design and manufacture of innovative, durable and ecological products offered as ready-to-use, mobile or built on site to the residential, commercial, municipal and industrial sectors, PTA is proud of the proven and recognized quality, performance and reliability of its solutions. For more information, visit


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