What Do Portable Restroom Customers Notice First?

What Do Portable Restroom Customers Notice First?
Well-groomed service technicians and squeaky-clean equipment can do wonders for your business.

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If you’ve been in the portable sanitation industry for more than, say, an hour, you know customers’ perceptions are slightly jilted when it comes to portable restrooms, especially if they’ve had a bad experience with dirty, smelly portable units or inattentive service technicians. 

The ick factor associated with portable restrooms has been around forever, so, while it’s probably not going away anytime soon, there are some ways you can change those misconceptions. 

Here are a few suggestions to ensure you’re making the best first impression with potential portable restroom clients. 

1. Look good, smell good

You and your employees represent your portable restroom business. Your blood, sweat and tears went into building a successful operation, so why would you let something as minor as a dirty shirt or disheveled appearance lose customers? Answer: You wouldn’t. Or at least you shouldn’t be allowing that to happen. 

Think of it this way: If you go to a car dealership to buy a new pickup, would you be more inclined to speak with a salesperson who is dressed well or one who has grease on his hands and mustard spilled down the front of his shirt? Exactly. 

You know what they say: Cleanliness is next to godliness. That might be a bit of a stretch for the portable sanitation industry, but it’s important, nonetheless, because cleanliness is a key to success. Well-groomed service technicians and squeaky-clean equipment can do wonders for your business. 

If you’re slouching and look tired, you project a negative image and customers will notice. If you take care of yourself and your appearance, you will radiate self-confidence. 

And don’t forget about your equipment. Make a point to get your trucks washed daily or weekly to ensure your technicians never show up to a job in a dirty vehicle or restrooms splattered with remnants from other jobs. 

Let’s be serious, it’s not practical for you to wear a three-piece suit to set up or pump out portable restrooms. But answer this: How do I present myself to customers? 

2. Keep it together

Customers will be more accepting of a company, whether it’s a selling pizzas or portable restroom services, if its owners and employees are well organized. And you’ll carry yourself better if you are prepared for a job or a meeting with a potential client. 

Papers strewn about inside your work rig or showing up late to a meeting convey a message: You don’t care. “I don’t have time” translates to “It’s not a priority for me.” 

Clients depend on you to ensure their events run smoothly, and they want to know you’re going to deliver restrooms on time and schedule necessary pump-outs. So file away all those papers on your passenger seat and set an alarm — or 12 — to ensure you don’t let customers down. 

Another bonus? Customers are more inclined to pay more for portable restroom services from a company that is willing and eager to meet their needs in a timely, organized manner. And they’re more likely to offer word-of-mouth referrals to friends and family, which also results in more money in your pocket.

3. If you can’t say something nice…

Yes, it’s difficult to be accommodating of the high-maintenance customer who demands eleventh-hour changes and makes every last-ditch effort to connive for discounts. However, they pay the bills. 

Of course, you don’t need to be a pushover — stand your ground on pricing — when it comes to the overall business structure. But keep in mind, most of the general public doesn’t understand the complexities of portable sanitation: What’s the difference between blowers and vacuum pumps? How does vacuum pressure work? What the heck is a PTO? 

They see a dirty truck and speak to a short-tempered technician and they assume all PROs are ill mannered and disrespectful. Don’t let your portable restroom business fall victim to that perception.   

Be professional and be courteous, and you’ll quickly become a PRO who customers respect and recognize as a leader in the portable sanitation industry.  


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