5 Basic Tips for Safe Winter Driving

5 Basic Tips for Safe Winter Driving

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Safe driving practices are more important than ever on gas and oilfield drilling pads – especially during winter. Driving commercial trucks to and from drilling rigs is an increasingly risky business, too. 

Here are five tips to keep your drivers safe this winter:

1. Be observant and prepared. Check weather reports before you head out and plan your trip accordingly. Be certain you have the necessary emergency equipment and extra clothing. Be observant of changing road conditions, especially on bridges and overpasses where black ice forms. 

2. Inspect your vehicle. Be certain your truck is prepared for adverse weather. Tires, wipers and lights should be in tip-top condition. 

3. Slow down! Driving too fast for deteriorating road conditions is the number one cause of winter-driving accidents. Know your limitations and the limitations of your vehicle. 

4. Leave space. Create a defensive-driving cushion around your vehicle. Increase the following distance between you and a vehicle ahead of you and always leave yourself an “out” in case of trouble. 

5. Get off the road. If conditions get too dangerous, don’t drive. It’s just that simple. 

How do you keep workers safe during cold months when roads are slick and weather is treacherous? Post a comment below.


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