Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2013

Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2013

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In the past year, we’ve posted hundreds of stories to They include everything we know you love — company profiles, blogs, online exclusives and industry updates. 

Here, we highlight the top 10 most popular stories. If you missed any of these, now is your chance to catch up. And if you’ve already read them, well, just remember that many things are better the second time around. Enjoy this look back at 2013. 

10. Former PSAI Executive Director, Assistant Face Multiple Felony Charges 

In the No. 10 position is this news article about the former executive director of the Portable Sanitation Association International and an association assistant, who faced multiple felony charges of embezzlement in Hennepin County District Court in Minnesota. 

9. Don’t Flush Those Wipes! 

“Flushable” wipes made the list in the No. 9 position with this blog post from Editor Jim Kneiszel. After receiving Facebook messages, emails and letters from readers in absolute agreement with his column about the marketing message on wipes, Kneiszel penned this response, asking that pumpers continue the conversation and bring awareness to the topic. 

8. Creator of the BullFrog Industries Suitcase Jetter Says Good Things Come in Small Packages

The Crap Shooter. Need we say more? What began as a humorous moniker for a suitcase-style jetter became the official name of this product from BullFrog Industries. This look at the development and features of the Crap Shooter ranked high with readers. What will the 2014 Expo have in store for all the latest technology? Read more to find out. 

7. Whatever It Takes 

Dusty Miller’s family-run business in Dinuba, Calif., takes the No. 7 spot in a story that highlighted the importance of taking care of customers.

Miller, who was previously a road construction worker, started his own business in the 1980s. What started as a side project, quickly became a full-time venture marked by customer loyalty. 

6. Pumper Escapes Injury When Loaded Truck Overturns 

Truck rollovers make the list in the No. 6 position. In this blog post, Editor Jim Kneiszel focused on a Florida vacuum truck accident where a service rig overturned after a tire blew. Thankfully, the driver was uninjured, but the incident was another reminder about the importance of road safety. 

5. Maryland Requiring BAT for Septic Systems 

Earlier this year, Maryland began requiring onsite wastewater systems to use the Best Available Technology (BAT) for nitrogen removal. The stringent requirements were part of the state’s response to the regional Chesapeake Bay restoration program. Throughout the year, this article remained high on the list for Pumper readers, ranking No. 5 for 2013. 

4. A New Assault on "Flushable Wipes"

“Flushable wipes” are the bane of every pumper’s existence, as we discovered through the popularity of this article in 2013. In his blog, Editor Jim Kneiszel examined the ongoing battle the wastewater industry has waged over so-called “flushable wipes,” and he encouraged pumpers to warn homeowners about potential problems the products can cause in onsite septic systems. 

3. No Pumper Wants To Be Called To This Unthinkable Job 

Next up is a crime scene. A call to pump out a crime scene, to be precise. In this blog post, Editor Jim Kneiszel discussed some of the more tragic calls received by pumping companies in 2013. He encouraged professional behavior, no matter what the circumstances. 

2. Safety First: Another Septic Truck Rolls Over

In the second-most popular story, a vacuum truck rollover in Wheeling, W.Va., reminded us all of the importance of road safety and staying abreast of changing road conditions. In his blog, Editor Jim Kneiszel made a plea to stay safe on the roads, and called on readers to revisit a valuable safety training video from the National Tank Truck Carriers and the American Trucking Association. 

1. How To Choose the Best Vacuum Pump for Your Septic Truck 

And finally, in the No. 1 position for 2013 — our most popular article of the year — is this primer on selecting a vacuum pump for your service truck.

Follow Lee Insley, co-owner of A-OK Portables in Warner Robins, Ga., and find out which factors you should consider before dropping big dollars on a new piece of equipment. Hint: Price shouldn’t be the only factor.


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