Product News - December 2022

Product News - December 2022

Superior 5-E Electric Smoke Blower Finds Faults, Odors, Leaks and Inflow

Superior Signal Company’s Superior 5-E Electric Smoke Blower connects to any clean-out, port or vent to quickly smoke-test the entire septic system. The Superior 5-E Electric smoker gently pushes smoke throughout a system to find cracks or leaks and quickly identify problems. Made in the U.S., the durable Superior 5-E Electric smoker comes with 8 feet of industrial grade hose. Used with Superior Smoke Candles, this solution is ideal for hard-to-find odors, leaks and other faults in commercial, residential and municipal facilities. 732-251-0800; 

OnTerra RouteSavvy route planning software

OnTerra Systems, the developers of RouteSavvy automated route planning software, introduce enhanced versions of RouteSavvy routing software and the RouteSavvy mobile app. RouteSavvy is cloud-based route planning software that generates more efficient routes for deliveries, pickups service and sales calls. More efficient routes can be generated based on shortest drive time, shortest distance, routes that avoid highways and routes that avoid toll roads. RouteSavvy benefits include reduced fuel consumption and reduced fleet fuel costs, lower fleet maintenance expenses tied to mileage, minimized overtime labor costs and the opportunity to grow revenue with more deliveries, pickups or service calls added to the work week. 720-836-7201;  


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