Alternative vacuum hose storage

Alternative vacuum hose storage

Alternative vacuum hose storage

Putting away the vacuum hose following a septic pumping job can be a messy, backbreaking ordeal. Whether wrapped on hooks on the back of the vacuum tank or laid on hose trays on both sides of the tank, technicians often have to climb or work around other equipment to return the hose and move on to the next job. In wet conditions, that can lead to falls or potential injury. That’s why Hannay Reels has introduced a reel specifically for suction applications — the VAC-5000.

The VAC-5000 series hose reel can be used for live vacuum and suction applications on septic trucks or trailers. The series is designed to provide quick, safe and effortless rewinding of hoses, either by hand or with a power rewind option. This prevents operators from hand-coiling hoses around a small bracket, hand-wrapping hoses around the tank of a septic truck, or coiling them into a small spool, according to Jennifer Wing, marketing manager for Hannay Reels.

“These reels are a timesaver on the job,” she says. “They protect the life of the hose and make a difficult job cleaner, neater and faster.”

The VAC-5000 series offers a variety of mounting configurations depending on tank/truck size constraints and length of hose, and it can provide easy access to the hose from both sides. Constructed using a heavy-duty channel frame for durability and spoked discs to prevent buildup, the dirt and debris are able to easily fall through the reel. The design offers operators easy access to the internal portion of the live reel, allowing effective removal of clogs that may occur.

The reel is designed to handle 2- through 4-inch I.D. hose and is available in a heavy-duty version for longer lengths and large diameters of vacuum hose through 4 inches. A gear-driven crank rewind or chain and sprocket drive powered by an electric, hydraulic or compressed air motor is available, along with a ball bearing swivel joint with female NPT threads. The ability to suit the reels to the job is popular, according to Wing.



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