T.S.F. introduces a sink designed to aid disabled users

T.S.F. introduces a sink designed to aid disabled users

T.S.F. introduces a sink designed to aid disabled users 

Access is often the key to increasing business as a portable restroom operator. Your units need to be readily available on short notice. They need to be clean and kept in good repair. They also need to be a fit for the event taking place. A new portable sink offered by T.S.F. was designed with those ideas in mind — to provide access.

The company’s Handicap Accessible Sink is aimed at special events and parks, providing a hand-wash option to patrons who have disabilities and may not be able to use traditional portable hand-wash stations. According to Mat Schenk, T.S.F. owner, the unit is designed as an add-on to the company’s Free Standing Sink.

“All it takes is a couple of bolts to mount it to the side of our current Free Standing Sink model,” Schenk says. “But instead of a foot pump to get water, all the user has to do is push a button.”

Power supplied by the unit’s 12-volt battery pumps water at a maximum of 35 gpm with 10 to 15 pounds of pressure. The duration of the water stream is adjustable, depending on the type of event the sink is being deployed to.

“If you are using it at a park and you want the battery to last longer, you can choose a shorter duration for the water stream,” Schenk says. “But if it is a barbecue, you probably want a longer duration because of the mess. It’s nice to have that option.”

Because the unit is added to the Free Standing Sink, it leverages the existing sink’s 45-gallon water and waste tanks. The energy-efficient pump was tested to provide pumping of up to 200 gallons of water between charging. Schenk points out the sink can be added as an accessory to other types of portable units, or even as a permanent fixture at a park. The only requirements are a water supply and a tank to collect wastewater. Schenk says the sink provides handicap access, but is great for use by children as well.

“Small children sometimes don’t have the coordination to press the foot pump down and wash their hands at the same time, so this would be a good alternative for those situations,” he says. “We think it will open a door for a lot of special event suppliers. The more access you can provide, the better.” 

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