Diversify with temporary fencing

Diversify with temporary fencing
Diversify with temporary fencing

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Septic service may be your main revenue generator, but for pumpers who provide portable sanitation, it doesn’t hurt to diversify your service offerings when it comes to serving special events. Temporary fencing is a logical next step. That’s why Oxford Plastics offers the TempFence system that is designed for easy setup and is geared toward special events.

The TempFence system utilizes lightweight but durable wire mesh fence panels constructed with the mesh attached within the frame, eliminating hang-ups and entanglement. The panels interlock when stacked, allowing contractors to stack them 100 high to a total height of 7.5 feet. This allows for more panels hauled per truckload, more secure transport, and easy handling by one worker.

“With the mesh welded on the inside, large stacks can be easily moved with a forklift in your yard,” says Jacob Sardinha, a sales representative for Oxford Plastics. “They also don’t have any points or sharp edges, which helps reduce worker injuries and provides a safer panel for the general public.”

The panels are compatible with many existing panel stands or can be paired with several of the company’s fence weight products, including OxBlock, BigFoot, and the OxStand. BigFoot fence weights offer an alternative to sandbags, while OxBlock high-visibility feet are an alternative to concrete feet, and the OxStand provides an alternative to tube stands. All are designed to provide safe alternatives to traditional temporary fencing. Tube stands with sandbags and concrete blocks are widely used in the industry but are prone to damage, requiring frequent repairs and replacement.

“Sandbags are typically not aesthetically pleasing and can be a tripping hazard,” Sardinha says. “They can also rip open and spill, leaving the fence vulnerable to collapse.”

OxBlocks are 53 pounds, and the end caps are available in high-visibility colors, including yellow, orange, purple, red and green. They are designed to stack neatly on a pallet for storage.

“They do the job of a panel stand and fence weight,” Sardinha says.

According to Sardinha, all TempFence products can be branded with distinct company logos for added marketing. A small storage footprint adds convenience for pumpers and portable restroom providers looking to diversify their rental offerings.

“The panels and blocks can be stacked right on your service truck,” he says. “It’s a great addition to your rental fleet.”

800-567-9182; www.oxford-tempfence.com.


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