The Polylok PL-250 Effluent Filter is Designed For Large Flows

The Polylok PL-250 Effluent Filter is Designed For Large Flows
Betsy Chaffet, right, a sales associate with Polylok, points out features of the PL-250 effluent filter to a 2016 WWETT Show attendee. The unit is designed to handle up to 3,000 gpd of flow with 250 linear feet of filtration.

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Many home construction projects are being supersized, but septic system components aren’t necessarily designed to handle the increased wastewater flow typical in houses with four or more bedrooms. Seeing that gap in the industry, Polylok focused on the company’s heavy-duty PL-250 effluent filter at the 2016 Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport Show.

The PL-250 is designed to handle up to 3,000 gpd of flow with 250 linear feet of filtration. According to Charlie Brix, the company’s vice president of development, the filter meets a growing need in the industry.

“It’s a filter that’s going to handle your larger residential flows without any problem,” he says. “Its 250 feet of filtration media filters from the outside through, allowing it to keep a lot of solids out of the system.”

The filter was introduced to the market in spring 2015. During a 1 1/2-year research and development period, the company tried several different configurations before finding the design that performed the best. According to Brix, the feedback the company has received from installers already using the filter in the field has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Installers are telling us that the filter is handling large flows in homes and even some light commercial applications without any problem,” he says. “I’d say it was a very good first year for the PL-250.”

Brix says that operation of the filter is very similar to the company’s long-popular PL-68 effluent filter. The biggest difference is in capacity, as the PL-68 is designed to handle flows up to 800 gpd.

“The PL-250 is basically the PL-68 on steroids,” Brix explains. “It is something we recommend for any larger home or home that sends a high waste flow into the septic system. You can never be too careful.”

Like the company’s other filters, installation is easy, according to Brix. The filter is removed with a quick twist. Because it locks in place, it will stay in place with no danger of floating, keeping the system protected, he explains. The housing is constructed of a polyethylene and all filters are designed with functionality and longevity in mind.

“This product allows for the biggest waste flow of anything in our product line,” Brix says. “It is very durable, and intended to last a long time.’’

Polylok is a longtime exhibitor at the WWETT Show, and Brix says it’s always his company’s biggest show of the year. The company is already hard at work coming up with innovations to present at the 2017 show, he says.

“We’ll be back with a few brand-new bells and whistles for sure next year,” he says. “You have to grow to compete in this industry, and we’re all about that.” 877/765-9565;


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