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Software system optimizes service calls

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Software system optimizes service calls

Problem: The Skid-o-Kan portable restroom service in Texas needed to automate its daily route mapping. With an average of 2,000 units placed on job sites, the task of dispatching service for 20 daily routes – some with 300 stops – was too cumbersome to route manually. Locations without physical addresses had to be marked on key map books with detailed instructions. The company needed a more efficient way to route and dispatch calls as well as record and report billing.

Solution: The company implemented Point-of-Rental Software with integrated GPS service and mapping software. Locations that don’t have physical addresses are marked by GPS and automatically mapped. Point-of-Rental uploads turn-by-turn directions directly to a phone or in-cab unit, eliminating the need for paperwork. Service-call frequencies are set up in the software and routed by truck, route or stops. With GPS integration, the software automatically updates the truck location so the dispatcher can view progress. Using a mobile phone or tablet, the technician marks each serviced unit with a date/time stamp and GPS location, providing accurate information for monthly or 28-day billing cycles.

Result: Using the software, service call routes are optimized for efficiency. In addition, the integrated mobile service provides accurate billing information showing the date and time of service. “We’re definitely more efficient now,” says Will Puryear, office manager at Skid-o-Kan. “With a business like ours, every mile counts, and the less miles we need to drive, the more money we make.” 800/944-7368;

Mobile and Web technology makes grease business more efficient

Problem: All American Grease Services crafted plans to substantially grow. The company’s controller, Bobbie Breaux, knew operational inefficiencies would pose challenges.

Solution: Breaux was referred to Web App Express, which delivered a comprehensive Web and mobile software system that takes care of every aspect of the company’s operations, including scheduling drivers, work and routes, and report writing.

Result: Manual processes and paper have been almost completely eliminated, and drivers are more productive. “In the past, we printed out tickets for drivers. Today, they use an intuitive mobile app. Drivers worried about moving to the new system,” Breaux remembers, “but the app is so easy to use and saves so much time that now you can’t get it away from them. Before they were inundated with paper. Now they just use a tablet.” Customers get invoices more quickly, and they are more accurate. The system allows customers to remotely view service and scheduling-related data, as desired. “It’s a big winner for us,” Breaux says. “Processes that took days are now done in minutes and integrate with our accounting software, making it seamless.” 800/699-4840;


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