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Vacuum truck delivered to specification

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Filtration system enables pumper to service more tanks

Problem: A septic pumping company working in the sewer tank maintenance industry in Brossard, Quebec, Canada, sought a solution to pump more than three septic tanks using a 3,800-gallon vacuum tank.

Solution: Tremcar created a system that works effectively with acceptable discharge standards of 160 to 170 ppm of water. The system was developed and designed with a nozzle that filters the solids from the liquids at low negative and positive pressure. It provides easy clean-out when clogged. This system is simple to operate. It can be installed on an existing vacuum unit.

Result: The pumping company can now return the filtered liquid back into the septic tank. Tremcar estimates the contractor can pump out between 10 and 13 full septic tanks per load. With increasing operating costs due to fuel prices and disposal fees, this system is appreciated by the pumper. 800/363-2158;

Vacuum truck built to exact specifications

Problem: Ende Septic Service, a commercial and residential pumper in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, looked for a new 4,300-gallon tank with hoist.

Solution: The company turned to Centerline Tank & Trailer Mfg. Ende Septic Service is known for its customer service, safety record and excellent, clean equipment. The company wanted the tank perfectly color-matched to its Kenworth chassis and the plumbing done to exact specifications.

Result: Centerline Tank & Trailer created the truck Ende Septic Service was looking for to help maintain and grow the company’s reputation. 800/752-5159;

Vacuum truck delivered to specification

Problem: Rainbow Septic of Austin, Texas, needed a new vacuum truck with special tank features aimed at being more efficient and sensitive to various customer environments. They needed a way to get the hoses on and off the truck with minimal damage and effort. Rainbow also needed a way to carry extra hose because of the long distances from the truck to the septic tanks in the Texas Hill Country, and they needed to be able to keep low-hanging tree branches from knocking off the truck’s strobe light domes.

Solution: Lely Tank & Waste Solutions worked with the owners of Rainbow Septic to provide a new 4,200-gallon steel vacuum tank mounted on their truck. They purchased a 2008 Peterbilt 365 tractor with PTO and steerable drop axle and had the chassis changed to accommodate the new tank. Lely Tank provided the right tank size and configuration to suit Rainbow’s operation.

Result: The final product included an R360 Razor Pack vacuum package, multiple toolboxes, durable coated hose trays and tank sides, easy-load hose tray rails, extra-deep hose hangers on the end, and branch deflectors. The vacuum truck increased operator productivity and accommodated the various needs of the customer. 800/367-5359;


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