Keep Dirty Sight Tubes Clean

How can I deal with the constant maintenance concern of dirty sight tubes?
Keep Dirty Sight Tubes Clean
One poster uses a durable 2-inch milk hose as a sight tube and easily replaces it when it gets too dirty.

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Has anyone found a good way to clean a 2-inch sight tube on a vacuum truck? I can’t find a soft brush for this purpose.


I used to just replace it.

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I use a water jet. If that doesn’t work, replace the sight tube.

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Do you drain the sight tube at night if you’re parked outside so it doesn’t freeze? Is the process shutting off ball valves and undoing the caps, and then drain into a bucket?

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I’m interested in the sight tubes. My trucks use the glass bowls. What material is the tube constructed of? How long do they last? Have you ever had an issue/emergency with one breaking?

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Yes, I have had one freeze and crack, so I switched to using 2-inch milk hose. It freezes but doesn’t break or crack. Just make sure during installation that elbows are mounted so the hose drains completely when the truck is emptied. I had this done wrong the first time. I can post photos of my current setup. The blue-colored hose actually stays clean longer. I have an extra tube made, and swap hoses when they get too dirty.


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