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Troubleshooting: Septic System Detective

Every time you visit a customer, you should be looking and listening for clues about how a septic system is used. How many people live in a residence? What are their water habits like? By knowing your customers’ habits, you’ll be much better suited to figure out potential system problems. Find out which questions you should be asking and how you can keep the communication channels open. www.pumper.com/featured

Modern Marketing 101: Forget About the Yellow Pages

Social media marketing is now the norm. Business owners who forgo the social media marketing experience quickly lose touch with customers. www.pumper.com/featured

Preseason Prep: Countdown to Crazy

The hectic, busy, insane, crazy season of special events and amped-up construction will soon be upon us. Whether you’re a preseason planner or a perpetual procrastinator, you’ll want to explore these tips before the portable restroom season knocks at your door. www.pumper.com/featured

State Updates: Your Guide to Regulations

In this edition of “Rules and Regs,” learn about new regulations in Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia. From rules governing design and installation to operation of onsite wastewater treatment, this is your one-stop shop for staying up-to-date on state happenings. www.pumper.com/featured

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