Septic Kit Provides Means to Treat, Revitalize System

Septic Kit Provides Means to Treat, Revitalize System

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The Lenzyme Septic Kit offers septic service providers an easy way to treat and revitalize an onsite system with specially formulated bacteria additives.

The kit consists of two one-gallon jugs of oxidizer powder, a one-gallon jug of drainfield biological activator and 24 packets of bacteria additives homeowners add to the system once a month, says Jerard Nighorn, the company's vice president.

"This kit provides pumpers' customers with better value by treating the entire septic system, not just the tank ... and restoring the balance of the drainfield biomat, which promotes a good, even flow of water through the drainfield. We sell variations of this kit, based on contractors' needs, but this is the most popular one."

In a balanced drainfield, the black, jelly-like biomat controls the flow of water at a rate that allows bacteria to effectively remove pathogens. In unbalanced drainfields, the biomat thickens, making it difficult for water to pass through. The result? Standing wastewater in yards, Nighorn explains.

The Lenzyme system relies on a coordinated, three-pronged approach to rebalance the biomat. First, contractors introduce the oxidizer through either the distribution box, a clean-out line or an inspection port; the oxidizer breaks down the thickened biomat and restores a septic system's balance.

"It cannot be introduced through the tank," Nighorn warns.

Then either the contractor or the homeowner adds a biological activator to the septic tank – a "shock treatment" that introduces several specialized facultative strains of bacteria that break down waste. These two steps can be performed on the same day. In the last step, the homeowner treats the system once a month with a pre-measured packet of Lenzyme bacteria. One packet is designed to treat 1,200 gallons of water.

"We suggest they introduce the bacteria once a month through different system entry points around the house – things like the kitchen sink, a shower drain and toilets," Nighorn says. "It's like getting double the bang for your buck. You can maintain all of your plumbing drains by rotating the treatments this way."

When homeowners run out of bacteria, they can call their septic contractor and order another two-year service treatment and kit, which includes an educationa l brochure, treatment-reminder stickers to put on a calendar and reorder cards.

At no extra charge, Lenzyme will customize the kit's box by including a contractor's name, logo and contact information, which reinforces the contractor's branding efforts and promotes repeat business, Nighorn says.

"The system also benefits contractors by engaging customers in learning about and taking care of the system, because they have an active role in applying the product," Nighorn notes. 800/223-3083;


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