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BRUDON Air Vac/Kay International

The KIV 310 pre-inlet cooled high vacuum blower from BRUDON Air Vac/Kay International delivers 960 cfm free air. Power required at maximum vacuum is 55 hp at 27 inches Hg. Features include heavy-duty housing for reduced noise and modified fins for greater heat dissipation. Other features include involute contoured impeller with rotor tips set at 120 degrees. 780/440-1634; .

Chandler Equipment Inc.

Jurop RV-Series vacuum pumps and Chandler Equipment Inc. packages are designed for industrial and energy applications. Both the Rv360 and Rv520 are available in multiple drive configurations, including either gearbox, hydraulic or belt. The pumps operate at or near 73 dB(A) while producing 18 inches Hg. The Rv360 has a recommended
input speed of 1,100-1,300 rpm with
an output of 360 cfm at free air and 332 cfm at 18 inches Hg. The Rv520
has a recommended input speed of 1,100-1,300 rpm with an output of 520 cfm at free air and 466 cfm at 18 inches Hg. 800/342-0887;

Elastec/American Marine

DrumIt vacuum from Elastec/American Marine has a stainless steel head that mounts on a 55-gallon open-head drum and connects to any vacuum truck. The unit weighs 50 pounds and has no moving parts. The vacuum collects unwanted gunk, eliminating costly contamination and can be used for changing leaking drums, separating storage or disposal of hazardous materials, hydroexcavation, wet/dry pickup, oil spill recovery, oil sump and separator cleanup. When full, a shutoff ball lifts a sight-glass tower, automatically stopping suction. An adjustable bypass valve controls vacuum levels on the drum. The vacuum includes 3- or 4-inch camlock fittings. 618/382-2525;

Force America

The Hydra-Kool integrated cooler-filler-reservoir system is designed for all mobile hydraulic applications where high performance cooling is needed and weight reduction is vital to reducing fuel consumption. Model HK4-20 has a 4-gallon reservoir, 12-volt DC fan motor and measures 20 inches high, 20 inches wide and 20 inches deep. Model HK8-40 has an 8-gallon reservoir, hydraulic fan motor and measures 24 inches high, 20 inches wide and 21 inches deep. Both models have a high-flow integral, 10-micron filter, sight temperature gauge, two 1 1/4-inch suction strainers with bypass and 1-inch I.D. line. 888/993-6723;

ITI Trailers & Truck Bodies

The 12-volt electric valve heater from ITI Trailers & Truck Bodies is designed to prevent pipe and valve freezing on trucks and trailers. Drawing 17 amps, the heater covers 32 square inches and has a surface temperature of 150 degrees F. 888/634-0080;

Kuriyama of America

The Tigerflex Amphibian AMPH series of heavy-duty, polyurethane-line wet or dry material handling hose from Kuriyama of America features a triple-resistant liner, static-dissipative cover and "cold-flex" that keep the hose flexible in cold temperatures. 847/755-0360;

L. T. & E.

Heated collars from L. T. & E. are designed to keep valves from freezing. Made of 304 stainless steel, collars are available in 3-, 4- and 6-inch sizes. Connected to the cooling system, the collars circulate antifreeze and are bolted between two flanges (ANSI or TTMA bolt pattern). They include extra pipe couplings for installing the optional 110-volt heater and thermostat for freeze control when the truck is parked overnight. 888/848-3727;


The VK650 fan-cooled vacuum/pressure pump from Masport features an automatic oil pump, end-thrust protection to prevent rotor-to-endcover contact created by direct PTO drive or misaligned belt-drive systems, integral valve that allows the pump to operate in pressure and vacuum mode, integrated inlet filter and integrated oil tank. The pump delivers 23 inches Hg continuous maximum vacuum and up to 27 inches Hg intermittent vacuum. Other features include Viton oil seals, flushing port and vane inspection port. 800/228-4510;

Moro USA

Preassembled vacuum pump packages from Moro USA are designed for quick installation and minimal replacement time and are offered for all Moro air, fan and water-cooled vacuum pumps with standard perch mount and close coupled orientation (c-faced adaptor). Option I includes choice of vacuum pump, gearbox and coupling assembly with high-strength powder-coated metal base. Option I.5 includes cleanable oil catch muffler. Option II includes muffler with secondary trap and vacuum pressure relief valves and gauges. Accessories are shipped loose but can be delivered fully assembled in the Option III ready-to-mount pump package. 800/383-6304;

Powerflo Products

The PF540 vacuum pump from Powerflo Products develops 330 cfm and 310 cfm at 16 inches Hg. The 2012 model has five Kevlar vanes that are automatically lubricated by a Beka oil pump. The pump output shaft is 1.5 inches in diameter and is integral with the rotor. The radial shaft load is carried by a roller bearing while a ball bearing carries the rotor on the oil reservoir end of the pump. Two ballast ports increase cooling as vacuum levels increase. Features include changeover valves and 3-inch NPT female connections. Radial cooling fins add to pump housing integrity.

Pressure Lift

The Power Booster from Pressure Lift, available in 3-, 4- and 6-inch models, provides increased vertical lift and long-hose capability, while shortening project time and cutting maintenance cost in any pumping application. Powered by compressed air or water, the booster handles a range of viscous liquids, from water to drilling mud and heavy municipal sludge. Made of lightweight aluminum, units are reversible, allowing for slurry suspension, potholing or breaking up crusty sludge. 972/355-0550;

Westmoor Ltd.

Conde diesel-powered vacuum units from Westmoor Ltd. range from 35 to 180 cfm. Designed for use in areas where sparking is not permitted or diesel power is preferred, units are powered by air-cooled Yanmar, electric-start engines and available in vacuum only or vacuum/pressure models that include the Conde Slide Valve and adjustment-free automatic oiling system. 800/367-0972;


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