Dewatering for Dollars

By removing liquids from a variety of collected wastes, busy pumping professionals can save on labor, disposal and transportation costs
Dewatering for Dollars
AQUA-Zyme Disposal Systems Inc.

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AQUA-Zyme Disposal Systems Inc.

The 30-cubic-yard dewa-tering unit from AQUA-Zyme Disposal Systems Inc. processes approximately 22,000 gallons of septic, municipal sludge and/or trap grease at 1 1/2-percent solids in 24 hours. Approximately 80 percent of the waste will drain off as effluent and can be routed to a wastewater treatment plant, land-applied or used in composting. The remaining dewatered sludge cake is 18 to 20 percent solids and acceptable at most landfills. The dewatering unit can be transported by a standard roll-off truck, hauled to the landfill or compost site. After a quick rinse, the unit is ready to process the next load. The unit works equally well on trap grease, septic and municipal sludge. Trap grease, however, has a remarkable odor and naturally low pH. By mixing the grease with other wastes, odors decrease and pH increases, eliminating the need to add lime. 979/245-5656;


Bright Technologies

Belt filter presses from Bright Technologies range from 0.8 (2.62 feet) to 3.2 meters (10.5 feet) in size and feature stainless steel construction, inclined gravity zone for efficient separation of liquids and solids, and radius wedge zone that automatically applies gentle pressure for optimum sludge conditioning. Other features include drainage roller with 50 percent open area, skid- or trailer-mounted designs, folding and removable operator platforms and user-friendly controls and layout. Units are available for purchase, lease or long- and short-term rental. 800/253-0532;


Consolidated Fabricators Corp.

Dewatering roll-offs with filtration media from Consolidated Fabricators Corp. are available in 6,000-gallon (22 feet by 67 inches) and 3,000-gallon (16 feet by 50 inches) models. Each features 9-gauge steel construction and 2-inch by 6-inch by 0.25-inch tubing main rails. Stainless strips hold the media filter in place. Behind the media filter is 3/16-inch thick perforated metal. Construction includes perforations and media on the interior sidewalls and front door, while 3-inch nipples with caps on all sides and bottom aid in draining and cleaning. Options include center wall to increase dewatering capacity, roof covers with or without seals if odor is a problem and choice of either 340 or 700 micron media. 800/635-8335;


Crystal Environmental

PolyWick Dewatering containers from Crystal Environmental are built by Buck’s Fabricating from high molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) for light weight and high pH resistance. Made for processing lime-stabilized septic and grease trap waste,

containers are available in 20-yard (22 feet long by 42 inches high) and 30-yard (22 feet long by 62 inches high) models. Options include small or large hooklift, cable/hooklift combination, Heil hookup, Dempster Dino hookup, rear splash guard and urethane, epoxy or hot-dipped galvanized frame. 800/328-9720;


Husky Portable Containment

Portable containment bladder tanks from Husky Portable Containment are available as custom bladders or pillow tanks in a variety of sizes, shapes, fittings and valves. Bladders range from 25 to 50,000 gallons with PVC, aluminum, stainless steel or brass fittings from 0.75 to 6 inches in diameter. Features include stainless steel hardware, access panels, maneuvering panels near the corners and every five feet down the sides. Other features include flame arrestors, double T-style vents and mushroom vents. Storage bags are included. Optional ground cover and sunscreens are available in various sizes, as well as field repair kits. 800/260-9950;


I.D.S. Enterprises Inc.

The 35-yard, round bottom De-Cant Tainer dewatering filter box from I.D.S. Enterprises Inc. is made for dewatering sludge, mud, slurry, fly ash, pulp, liquid waste, sewer, septic, grease, grit, oils, chemicals, drill turnings and other materials. The box includes extension/splash guard, loading manifold, front ladder, trench drains, drain ports and wash-out ports. Filter media material is installed on the outside walls, center wall, front wall and door. Features include heavy-duty rear door with quick-release handle and safety latch, roll-over tarp system with straps, ratchets, aluminum tarp riser with built-in wind guard and fiberglass bows. Options include vibrators and brackets side-mounted to reduce dewatering time up to 50 percent. Power options include 110-volt, 220-volt air or hydraulics with or without timers. 800/575-6620;


Imperial Industries Inc.

The Ultimate debris collector from Imperial Industries Inc. is available for holding tanks or septic systems. Made of aluminum for light weight, the 39-inch-long debris collector has a 12-inch diameter. Options include 4- or 6-inch discharges and stainless steel combs (screens) for holding tanks or septic systems. The quick-connect Wide Spray attachment is made for land application with 4- and 6-inch discharges and 0- or 35-degree pitch. 800/558-2945;


In The Round Dewatering

The horizontal sludge dewatering system from In The Round Dewatering has a stainless steel, self-cleaning drum with perforated plastic tile lining. The drum is mounted on a roll-off frame for easy transportation and unloading. A typical batch of sludge consisting of 18,000 to 25,000 gallons is mixed with polymer before being filtered in the drum during rotation. The drum is driven by a 1/4 hp variable-speed electric motor with heavy-duty chain and sprocket. The turning action eliminates crusting and wet pockets. Sludge is dewatered and ready for disposal in one night. 317/539-7304;


Prime Solution Inc.

The Prime Rotary Fan Press from Prime Solution Inc. uses continuous pressure differential technology to dewater sludge and slurries. The system features slow rotational speed (less than 1 rpm), semi-automated operation, self-cleaning and low maintenance. Skid-mounted systems include a central operator control panel, feed pump, polymer system and inline mixing. Plant integration controls are available. The unit is easily transported and available as a trailer-mounted system. 269/694-6666;


Raven Environmental Products Inc.

The Coretaker Max septic sludge sampler from Raven Environmental Products Inc. provides a clean visual of the layers in a septic tank. The sampler has a no-drip CNC-machined check valve and is made of 1.5-inch diameter clear polycarbonate. The Link Release Mega Valve takes up the heaviest sludge and slams shut. A pull on the shepherd’s hook purges the sample into the tank or container. The sampler is available in 8- and 5-foot one-piece models. 800/545-6953;


Spectrum Equipment Partners

The Phase Separator dewatering roll-off unit from Spectrum Equipment Partners is completely enclosed to contain volatiles and odors. Available in 25-cubic yard vacuum roll-off containers, 20- and 30-cubic yard roll-off containers and 1- to 5-cubic yard self-dumping hopper, the solids handling system offers up to 520 square feet of filter area and handles material that cannot be pumped due to lumps, chunks or trash. 800/806-1016;



Dewatering containers from Wastequip are designed to handle liquid waste at waste- water treatment facilities, spill sites, construc- tion sites, refineries, mines, manufacturing facilities and similar applications. Containers have gasketed doors and are hydro tested to ensure against leakage. Other features include perforated 7-gauge 1/4-inch steel floor, 7-gauge sides and easy-to-remove shells for quick cleanup. With shells removed, the unit can be used as a sludge container. Liners to aid in cleanup and disposal are available. Dewatering containers can be custom configured, including the number and location of drains and valves. Lid options include side-to-side roll tarps or single piece, side-to-side plastic or aluminum lids. Containers are available in round bottom or rectangular design in 20- or 25-cubic-yard sizes. 877/468-9278;


Flo Trend Systems Inc.

Sludge Mate container filters from Flo Trend Systems Inc. can dewater sludge and waste, producing cake that passes the paint-filter test and transports to landfills for dumping alum, ferric, lagoon and digested sludge, septic tank, grease trap and slaughterhouse waste, wastewater residual and sump bottoms. It dewaters on site and is available in three styles: roll-off, trailer mounted and tipping stand mounted. Sizes range from 5 to 40 cubic yards. The closed-system design provides total odor control, no spillage, reduced maintenance and weather independence. The unit has 10-gauge steel reinforced walls and 7-gauge carbon steel floor. Available designs include peaked roofs with gasketed bolt-down hatches, drainage ports, inlet manifolds, floor filters and side-to-side rolling tarps. 713/699-0152;


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