Big Jobs, Big Power

Whether it’s hydroexcavation or industrial vacuum loading, big jobs require big equipment and plenty of power for safe and efficient operation
Big Jobs, Big Power
Blowertech Ltd.

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Moving heavy sludge and digging through hard-packed clay requires the power and performance of an industrial vacuum loader, the wet/dry digging ability of a hydroexcavator and pulling power of a quiet-running vacuum pump or blower with sound-dampening package. When you need to accomplish the toughest tasks, take a look at these powerful pumping tools.


Blowertech Ltd.

The 3 HVP Series positive displacement tri-lobe blower from Blowertech Ltd. is designed for 24-hour continuous duty. It features self-cooling construction and does not require a vacuum relief valve. The blower can handle wet or dry products and is available with top, bottom, left or right shaft and a clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation. It can attain 28 inches Hg vacuum and eliminates the need for water or oil sealing. Features include five bearings with shaft-roller bearing suitable for V-belt and direct-drives, hardened and ground helical gears on the drive side for greater input torque, piston ring seals for lifetime reliability, heavy-duty bearing holders on the thrust end for greater axial load capacity, and large oil sumps for improved bearing lubrication. Other features include dynamically balanced, hardened and ground-forged steel shafts fitted in the tri-lobes. 780/466-4716;


Chandler Equipment

Jurop Pvt200 and 400 series tri-lobe blowers from Chandler Equipment Inc. range from 742 cfm to 1,430 cfm and operate below 73 dB. Offered with ATEX explosion resistant certification, the blowers are able to evacuate volatile and explosive gases. Pvt200 and 400 models feature 26 inches continuous duty vacuum, injection cooling and 28.5 inches maximum vacuum. The Pvt200 has a 900-1,400 rpm operating range, 30 psi maximum pressure, 4-inch port size and weighs 353 pounds. The Pvt400 has a 2,100-3,300 rpm operating range, 26 psi maximum pressure, 6-inch port size and weighs 529 pounds. 800/342-0887;


Cubex Limited

The Hydro Excavator from Cubex Limited is designed for Canada’s extreme climate and rugged geography. It penetrates a variety of soil conditions, depths, widths and angles with precision. The vacuum system has a four-stage air filtration and separator system that removes debris, dust and water. Soil slurry and other liquid waste are vacuumed into a large holding tank for off-site disposal. Features include heated decant valve with internal filter, cyclonic prefiltration system, 35-gpm/2,000-psi water pump with variable output, hydraulically operated storage for 32 feet of vacuum hose, heavy-duty, reinforced boom elbow and internal material deflector, and reel with 50 feet of 1/2-inch handgun hose. Other features include vertical pipe storage, seven-nozzle high-pressure wash-out system, 26-foot boom reach with extension and wireless remote, 8-inch suction tube, hydraulically operated rear door and 13.5-cubic-foot heated storage compartment. Options include large capacity water pumps, galvanized debris tank, pump-off system to 800 gpm, hydraulic tool circuit, rear-mounted boom, cold weather package, blowers to 6,000 cfm and 27 inches Hg, debris tank to 15 cubic yards, up to 1 million Btu boiler system, customized storage compartments, work and safety lights, digging tubes and lances. 877/462-8239;


GapVax Inc.

The XVT industrial vacuum from GapVax Inc. is designed to remove heavy sludges, such as drilling fluid, grease, septic and wastewater. The positive displacement blower can pressure offload up to 14 psi (rated 1,400 cfm and 28 inches Hg). The body is made of 1/4-inch ASTM A-572 Grade 50 steel with a payload option from 80 to 100 barrels and 40-degree dump angle. The filtration system has a 10-micron washable Dacron filter and requires no tools to access. The unit has a full-opening tailgate with dual-lift cylinder and field-adjustable locks for a complete seal. Options include hydroexcavation package, lift axle, integral water tank, safety lighting, storage compartments and heavy-duty rear bumper. 888/442-7829;


Gradall Industries Inc.

The Vacall AllExcavate high-pressure, variable-speed hydroexcavator from Gradall Industries Inc. is designed for productivity and water conservation. Features include the AllSmartFlow CAN bus intelligent control system with programmable LCD display that monitors engine, water flow and vacuum performance while allowing for precise boom and reel movements. A fully proportional pendant (wired or wireless) is programmable for productive control away from the chassis. The unit uses a single engine for excavation as well as to power the chassis, saving on fuel, maintenance and emissions. Other features include aluminum water tanks, 8-foot, 6-inch hydro boom with 320-degree radius that rear-loads debris. An optional galvanized steel debris tank is available. A single control enables the operator to clean the interior of the body as well as open, close and lock the tailgate. An optional flush system requires no operator assistance. 330/339-2211;


Guzzler Manufacturing

The NX industrial vacuum loader from Guzzler Manufacturing is built to clean up and recover a variety of materials, including solids, dry bulks, powders, liquids, slurries and sludge. The unit has a Robuschi blower that delivers 5,435 (free air) cfm with vacuum capabilities to 28 inches Hg rated at 88 dB. The cyclone and baghouses are configured together for maximum efficiency and reduced weight. An increased filter area, combined with offline cleaning, extends bag life while forcing carryover back to the debris tank. The 72, 70-inch bags provide a 4-to-1 air-to-cloth ratio. Vacuum Recovery (VR) technology provides automatic offline cleaning of the integral baghouse and cyclone. The self-cleaning system requires no activation by the operator. A manual override is included for applications that require forced cleaning. The 18-cubic-yard debris tank has maintenance-free rear-door locks. Options include high-dump body with heavy-duty, telescopic hydraulic cylinder that allows material to be dumped into roll-off boxes up to 54 inches high. The dense phase offloading option combines applied pressure with high airflow for conveyance up to 120 feet vertically. 800/627-3171;


Mid-State Tank Co. Inc.

The 4,000-gallon aluminum tank from Mid-State Tank Co. Inc. features a 20-inch top manway, 20-inch rear manway, primary, three 5-inch sight eyes, pressure relief valve, 4-inch inlet, 6-inch discharge, full-length hose trays, hose support at rear, ladder to manway, LED and work lights at rear, full mounting kit and heavy-duty rear bumper. A stainless steel tank and other options are available. 217/728-8383;


Hot Jet USA/

Powerline Industries Inc.

The hot or cold waterjetter/vacuum combination unit from Hot Jet USA has a 500-gallon vacuum tank with 6-inch cleanout port. The unit delivers 525 cfm at 15 inches Hg. Powered by a 25-hp Kohler engine, the unit also has a 35-hp Vanguard hot/cold jetter, 150-gallon water tank and General Tri-Plex pump that delivers 8.6 gpm at 3,600 psi. The trailer has a solid diamond-plate steel deck and is rated to 12,000 pounds. Applications include cleaning catch basins, valve boxes and storm drains, as well as potholing and daylighting underground utilities and pipelines. The unit also can clean sewer lines and vacuum debris, thaw pipes and degrease, as well as clean sidewalks, garbage areas and the exterior of buildings. 800/213-3272;


Hi-Vac Corp.

The UltraVac HVV-4915 wet/dry vacuum loader from Hi-Vac Corp. features less restriction for greater air flow and reduced differential pressure loss. The 27 inches Hg of vacuum reduces operator strain and maintenance. The loader’s convex design prevents material buildup and increases structural integrity. Other features include cyclone ring pre-filter and 10-inch diameter inlet hose that work together to slow the inlet velocity of the material being vacuumed. A 16-foot-long payload compartment enhances material separation, while dual-action cyclones provide fine particle separation prior to the baghouse final filter system, which has 85 snap-ring filter bags that provide 445 square feet of filter media. 800/752-2400;


Ledwell & Son

The Heritage mobile vacuum loader from Ledwell & Son features a 3,300-gallon carbon or stainless steel tank (variable capacities available) with high-pressure washdown, tank and door safety props, full-length hose trays, rear work lights and wireless operational controls. The ASME/DOT 412 unit has a 20-inch manway with ladder and platform, hydraulic-operated three-stage front tank hoist and full-opening rear door. Other features include 6-inch, air-operated rear discharge, pressure offload, liquid-cooled vacuum pump, rear-mounted liquid level indicator, DOT-approved rear bumper with swing-out, a 4-inch, rear-mounted intake valve with interior standpipe, dual-storage cabinets with aluminum locking doors and high center bolt-in baffles. 888/533-9355;


LMT Inc.

The HX-500 hydroexcavation trailer from LMT Inc.’s Vaxteel product line is an entry-level unit for contractors and municipalities. The unit has a 200-gallon external water tank and 500-gallon waste tank. The water pump can deliver up to 4 gpm and 4,000 psi. Vacuum is provided by a 325-cfm rotary vane pump or 500-cfm blower. The pump/blower is powered by a Kubota D1703-M-E3B liquid-cooled 35-hp diesel engine. Power is transmitted through a V-belt drive. Applications include utility locating, potholing or culvert and sewer cleaning. 800/545-0174;


Labrie Environmental Group

The Juggler pumping and liquid-solid separating system from Labrie Environmental Group returns liquid that is 99.98 percent free of solids without affecting bacterial flora. The tank has a 3,600-gallon front solids capacity and 1,200-gallon rear water tank with 1/4-inch aluminum side walls, 3/8-inch aluminum tank head and reinforcing rings. Features include 21-inch upper center solids and water access doors, 3-inch loading valve at back for separating process and 4-inch driver-side loading valve for solids pumping. A 6-inch unloading valve is located at the rear. The truck has a 125-gpm filter flow capacity, filter operating pressure of 13 psi and remote control reach of 300 feet. The standard pump is an NVE 743 (527 cfm, 27 inches Hg and maximum pressure of 10 psi). An optional NVE 953 (872 cfm, 27 inches Hg, 10 psi) is available. Other options include hose reel and 3,000-psi pressure washer with 4-gpm flow capacity. 800/463-6638;


Presvac Systems

The Powervac positive displacement blower wet/dry vacuum loader from Presvac Systems operates as an air mover for dry applications or at full vacuum with extreme recovery rates for tough liquid, sludge and slurry jobs. Material knockout features in the debris tank minimize carryover, while heavy-duty modular filtration configured to blower size and application supplies blower protection and minimal maintenance. Features include 3,500 to 6,600 cfm, 28 inches Hg, code waste debris tank (ASME, DOT 407/412, TC 407/412, dual DOT/TC, 23-psi maximum pressure) and non-code waste debris tank (heavy-duty construction and relief at 14.5 psi). Made of carbon or stainless steel, options include hydraulic six-way, wireless remote-controlled 8-inch suction boom, pressure offload, water pump, sound proofing and heated valves. 800/387-7763;



The Xcavator from Vac-Con is available with 5- to 16-yard Corten steel debris tank and 800-, 1,100- or 1,300-gallon polyethylene water tank. The unit has a wireless remote that enables the operator to control certain functions from up to 1/2-mile away. The 270-degree rotating boom extends from six to 10 feet, while the automatic vacuum breaker shutoff helps prevent overfilling and spillage. The vacuum system is available with a three-stage centrifugal compressor or optional positive displacement blowers capable of up to 27 inches Hg vacuum. Other features include cyclone separator, hydrostatic drive for both vacuum and water systems, 100-foot retractable reel, extendable high-pressure wand, rotating nozzle, two joystick controls (passenger side and front bumper), aluminum diamond-plate, passenger-side, water pump and hose reel cabinet (51-by-20-by-30 inches), and passenger-side, aluminum diamond-plate control panel (35-by-14-by-24 inches). Boiler and cold-weather operation options are available. 888/491-5762;


National Vacuum Equipment Inc.

The Challenger 4310 positive displacement blower from National Vacuum Equipment Inc. offers 931 cfm and continuous duty at full vacuum (27 inches Hg). The blower is maintenance free, environmentally friendly (no oil mess) and quiet with the Pro Pak package without compromising performance. 800/253-5500;


Progress Tank

The aluminum DOT 407/412 tank from Progress Tank is equipped for hydro-carbon recovery. Features include a 3-inch Blackmer product pump and Robuschi RB-DV45 500-cfm blower. The unit has air-operated inlet and discharge valves with heated collars, BASE wireless remote to control pump engagement, valve operation and emergency shutdown of the truck engine. The 2012 International WorkStar chassis has heavy-duty oilfield front and rear bumpers and is powered by a 475-hp MaxxForce 13 engine. 800/558-9750;


Super Products LLC

The Mud Dog 1600 hydroexcavator from Super Products LLC is designed to meet the excavation challenges inherent in oilfield, mining and cold weather applications. The unit has a 16-cubic yard debris body, 1,500-gallon water capacity and rear-mounted boom with 335-degree rotation and the ability to pivot down 25 degrees for eight feet of extra digging. The hydroexcavator delivers up to 18 gpm of water pressure at 3,000 psi in combination with an 8-inch positive displacement vacuum system that provides air flow of 5,800 cfm at 28 inches Hg. Features include single-engine design for lower fuel and maintenance costs and onboard boiler with 714,000 Btu/hour capacity. Winter recirculation, antifreeze and air-purge systems ensure performance in the harshest of climates, while the heated aluminum cabinet offers easy access and increased storage. Other features include a debris body that tilts two feet for faster offloading and washdowns. 800/837-9711;


Supervac 2000

The Supervac 6400 hydroexcavator from Supervac 2000 has a 71-barrel (3,000-gallon) carbon steel debris tank, 6,400-cfm vacuum pump with 27 inches Hg, double-wall insulated 1,250-gallon water tank, two cyclones and cartridge filter, 6,500-psi, 10-gpm water pump and 26-foot radius hydraulic boom. Other features include hydraulic door locks, insulated enclosure (less than 85 dBA), recirculation water pump and 100-foot hose reel capacity. The system is designed to operate in extreme heat and cold. 866/839-5702;


Transway Systems Inc.

The HV-64, four-season hydroexcavator from Transway Systems Inc. features a Robuschi RB-DV145 (6,400 cfm) blower with OMSI transfer case and acoustical enclosure. Water pressure is created by the hydraulically driven Giant LP600 water pump (6,000 psi). The 3,000-gallon debris tank has a hydraulically operated hoist, full-open rear door and door locks. The 1,000-gallon polyethylene water tank is housed in an insulated and heated compartment and heated by a 700,000 Btu Unimanix diesel-fired burner. Water pump and water tank compartments are kept warm with three Webasto diesel-fired heaters. Other features include a 26-foot, hydraulically operated 8-inch suction boom equipped with joystick control, wired pendant control and wireless remote control. The debris tank has a hydraulically operated trash pump to facilitate liquid removal. The unit is mounted on a 2010 Western Star 4964 front and rear tandem-axle chassis. 800/263-4508;


The Soil Surgeon Inc.

The Soil Surgeon hydroexcavating tool from The Soil Surgeon Inc. is designed to fit on all sewer combination trucks equipped with a telescopic 6- or 8-inch boom. The tool has a 1-inch water connection. The operator controls water pressure and power with truck controls. Features include 6-foot Tuff Tube with handles fabricated to the tube to guide the unit down for potholing or side to side for trenching. Six jets boring inward cut the soil, while six jets boring outward bring the tube down. Bumpers on the bottom protect the jets and lines the tool might contact. 949/363-1401;


Vacuum Sales Inc.

The PowerVac wet/dry hazardous and non-hazardous industrial vacuum loader from Vacuum Sales Inc. features stainless steel and carbon steel construction. The ASME DOT 407-412 unit has positive displacement, high vacuum blowers, delivering up to 4,600 cfm and continuous vacuuming at up to 28.5 inches Hg. Other features include pressure unloading (up to 35 psi) with rotary vane vacuum/pressure pump, heavy-duty construction with five bearings for belt or direct drive, oil-lubricated bearings and gears, oil-free discharge and air-injection cooling. No relief valve is required. The unit has high-capacity intake and exhaust silencers for maximum blower efficiency and noise reduction as well as high-capacity filtration and vacuum lines for maximum blower performance. 800/547-7790;


Vactor Manufacturing

The HXX HydroExcavator from Vactor Manufacturing features an SXP (superlinear XL polyethylene) insulated water tank that retains heated water longer, reducing the likelihood of freezing during subzero conditions. The lighter weight tank also reduces fuel consumption (about 1.6 gallons per day) while increasing hauling capacity. The 1,200-gallon capacity, double-wall SXP tank has a 3/8-inch thick outer shell and 3/8-inch thick foam liner. Hydroexcavator applications include potholing, waterline repair, slot trenching, directional drilling, sign and pole installation, pipe and line installation and other large-volume excavation. 815/672-3171;


Dragon Products

The 150-barrel aluminum vacuum tank trailer from Dragon Products has a 6,300-gallon capacity and is non-DOT specific. The shell is made of 1/4-inch aluminum with 62-inch outside diameter ASME F&D-shape head and 11 external rings. All steel surfaces are grit-blasted white metal steel with epoxy primer and coated with high-solids polyurethane. The trailer features Watson-Chalin 30,000-pound air-ride suspension with single leveling valve and manual dump valve. The bolt-on steel suspension assembly has a 60,000-pound capacity. Other features include 25-foot

aluminum hose pans on each side with an aluminum sealed-door tool box on the driver’s side. There are 2-inch sight glasses in the front and rear head, 1 1/2-inch sight glass tube in the rear head with cleanout tees and 2-inch ball valves top and bottom. 800/231-8198;


V.E. Enterprises Inc.

The Eagle vacuum trailer from V.E. Enterprises Inc. features three-point suspension, two-speed crank-landing legs and wedge sump with 4-inch loading/unloading valves. The quarter-inch SA-36 steel barrel is fully gusseted to withstand the rigors of both on- and off-road travel. 800/234-2329;


Vacutrux Limited

The multi-purpose vacuum service truck from Vacutrux Limited is powered by an 800-cfm Wallenstein 1604LNi dual-cooled vacuum pump. Designed for long, heavy pulling jobs, the pump also can be used for pressure offloading. Other features include 4-inch Vacuboom with wireless remote, full-opening rear door and 14-inch mud door, tank hoist and vibrator for dumping solids. Other features include water system to 10 gpm and 4,000 psi, stainless steel hose trays, tool boxes and galvanized or stainless steel tank components. 800/305-4304;


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