3 Articles You Need to Read This Month

This issue of Pumper is full of business advice to put you on the path to success
3 Articles You Need to Read This Month

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Every month, Pumper provides information to help you make your business better, and the February 2016 issue is no different. Here is just a sample of the advice you don’t want to miss out on, plus a look at the classiest truck of 2015, a versatile hauler that could give you some ideas when you’re speccing your next truck.

1. Learn to be a good manager. You may have heard this before: Employees don’t quit jobs, they quit managers. Effective leadership can be difficult, especially if you’re wearing many hats as the owner of a small business. Being a good manager is crucial to the success of your business. Learn to avoid these 5 mistakes that make you a bad manager.

2. What to do with your money. So your business is doing well and you’re earning enough to begin investing some of it. Congrats! But now what? You’ve got a lot of options but may want some professional help with your financial decisions. When choosing this professional, you need to know the difference between a commission broker and a fee-only financial planner. While they all try to make you more money, there are incentives available to some financial advisors that will affect the way they treat your investments. This article helps you decide who you should trust to watch your money.

3. The 2015 Classy Truck of the Year. Larry Maznek customized this 2005 Peterbilt 378 with Amthor International. Maznek needed a versatile truck for his septic installation and pumping business, so the truck is outfitted with quick-connect fittings that allow him to swap the vacuum tank out for a 20-yard roll-off container when he needs to haul rock or spoils from an installation. Check out more details about the winning rig here.


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