Don’t Miss These 3 Tips in the November Issue

Read up on strategies to improve your marketing plan, expand your services, and become a better leader.
Don’t Miss These 3 Tips in the November Issue

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There are way more than three useful articles in the November issue of Pumper but these are three helpful tips that encompass so many aspects of your business. Marketing is what gets your name out in front of people. But how do you know if you’re saying the right things to the right people? Expanding your services can bring additional revenue, but how do you get started? And your company will always need quality employees to keep it going. How do you make sure you are connecting with your employees in a way that shows you appreciate them, but also makes them want to keep working hard?

Any of these questions sound familiar? Read on.

1. When it comes to marketing, it’s important to remember the big picture. Marketing experts discuss best tactics for a small business. Promoting your services isn’t just about throwing money toward some ads and hoping for the best. Your investment needs to mean something of value to your potential customers. This Money Manager column gives helpful tips on how to focus your marketing strategy, and how to determine what tactics are successfully providing a return on your investment.

2. Thinking about expanding into grease collection? You need to read this. If diversifying services has been in the back of your mind lately, you may be onto something. John Remstedt of Grease Masters LLC is featured in this interview about his successful company. Remstedt discusses everything from training technicians to finding customers. You have most of the necessary equipment already; here’s how to get started.

3. Being a great leader is more than being good at what you do; you also need to help your employees be good at what they do. Having productive, motivated employees is important to your success. In this issue, Timothy F. Bednarz explains the importance of motivating your team, both as a whole and as individuals. He provides 14 methods to help you become a better leader and to help your employees achieve company goals and improve performance.

Want more great tips? Check out the whole November issue here


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