How to Get the Most Out of Your Fleet Management System

Here’s how you could be getting an even better ROI from your vehicle tracking system

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Fleet Management System

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When businesses invest in a GPS fleet management solution, they expect results. For most fleet managers, the anticipated return on investment (ROI) includes three basic benefits — reduced fuel usage, increased efficiency and improved driver accountability. However, even after these benefits are achieved, one question for fleet managers remains: “Am I getting the most out of my GPS fleet management solution?”

The answer: You could be getting even more.  

Implementing a comprehensive GPS fleet management solution enables managers to benefit from two additional benefits: proactive maintenance and improved vehicle utilization. Businesses can reap benefits in all five areas. The key is to select a GPS fleet management solution for your business that’s capable of covering all the bases. Here are some ways a GPS fleet management solution can help your business.

Save Money On Fuel
Fuel costs can easily eat away at your bottom line. Knowing the whereabouts of your vehicles can help you route vehicles more efficiently and reduce fuel usage. Plus, the right GPS fleet management solution gives you detailed information that can help reduce fuel-wasting driver behaviors that cost you money including:  

  • Speeding
  • Unauthorized vehicle use
  • Excessive idling

Can You Get More Done For Less?
Yes. Boosting efficiency starts with knowing where your vehicles are. GPS fleet management enables you to locate your vehicles at any time from the convenience of a Web-based fleet application. Plus, get vehicle monitoring capabilities and robust reports that help you accomplish more in the course of a day. 

  • Send your closest crew to a job
  • Verify when vehicles are on the job
  • Get alerts and reports that help you hold drivers accountable

Improve Driver Safety
Your profitability is tied to how your drivers conduct themselves when they are on the road. When drivers know that you are aware of their whereabouts, they often make more responsible decisions. Get reports and data that help you identify unsafe driver behavior and improve driver safety.

  • Increase accountability so drivers make more responsible decisions on the road
  • Reduce risky driving behaviors such as speeding, hard accelerating and hard braking
  • Locate your drivers and send roadside assistance in the event of an unexpected breakdown

Keep Your Vehicles Moving
Proactive maintenance helps keep your vehicles on the road where your drivers can keep your business moving. GPS fleet management provides you with the data you need to improve preventive maintenance scheduling. Plus, get Diagnostic Trouble Codes that help you identify specific maintenance issues and help you address small problems before they become big ones.

  • Improve proactive maintenance with onboard diagnostics that help you identify small problems before they become big ones
  • Get automatic routine maintenance reminders via email or text as vehicles approach their maintenance windows
  • Streamline maintenance processes

Better Utilize Vehicles
Operating an efficient fleet starts with knowing where, when and how your vehicles are used. Get detailed information that helps you make informed decisions about each vehicle in your fleet. 

  • Time-based vehicle trip details pinpoint where drivers are spending their time
  • Know and analyze detailed vehicle trip data including a vehicle’s miles traveled, engine hours, days utilized, number of trips and more
  • Track vehicle usage according to specific criteria such as “miles driven greater than 100” 

Verizon Networkfleet: Your All-In-One Solution
Many fleet managers view GPS fleet management as a way to help them control fuel costs, increase operational efficiency and improve driver accountability. But Verizon Networkfleet takes fleet management a step further, providing fleet managers with actionable data that helps them improve maintenance and vehicle utilization, too. Plus, Networkfleet customers get roadside assistance at no additional cost in the event of an unexpected breakdown.  

When you think of GPS fleet management in terms of comprehensive ROI, Networkfleet has the capabilities to help your business yield results in five areas that directly affect your bottom line: reduced fuel usage, increased efficiency, improved driver accountability, proactive maintenance and improved vehicle utilization. Get the most out of your GPS fleet management solution.

To learn more about Verizon’s Networkfleet services, visit or call 866/869-1353.


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