5 Ways to Make Your Drivers Comfortable With GPS Tracking

Now is the time to start thinking about how to get your drivers to embrace GPS tracking

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5 Ways to Make Your Drivers Comfortable With GPS Tracking

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The benefits of GPS-based fleet management are clear. But have you thought about how your drivers are going to react when GPS tracking is installed in their trucks?

To get the most out of GPS tracking for your fleet, your drivers need to buy into the concept.

Here are five ways to help make your drivers more comfortable with GPS tracking:

  1. Be honest with your crew. Tell drivers you’ve decided to put GPS tracking on your fleet vehicles. Don’t keep it a secret or tell them after the fact. Letting them know your plans to implement GPS-based fleet management ahead of time will help build trust and acceptance early on in the process.
  2. Communicate what’s in it for them. Let your drivers know how GPS tracking can help make their jobs easier and safer, and could even keep them out of trouble. Some paperwork requirements, like manually tracking mileage, could no longer be their responsibility. You’ll also be able to send help to their GPS location in an emergency. Plus, if they’re falsely accused of being late or driving recklessly, you’ll be able to stick up for them when they’re in the right. 
  3. Let them know what’s in it for you. Share with your drivers the problems you face and how GPS fleet management will help you solve them. They know some of their co-workers take unauthorized trips—it probably bothers them as much as it does you. Show them how GPS tracking will help you prevent unauthorized trips, keep things running on schedule, improve customer service and increase profitability. Tell them how improved fleet management also helps enhance the reliability of fleet vehicles. 
  4. Show them how it works. Get your drivers to play an active role in implementing and using GPS tracking. Use the product’s Web-based training tools to educate them. Remember: Teaching them how to use GPS tracking to improve their workday is key to helping them feel comfortable with its implementation
  5. Reward them for good performance. With GPS tracking, you’ll know which drivers are following their routes, driving carefully and making deliveries on time. Consider gift cards, bonuses, time off and other perks to reward improved fleet performance and individual accomplishments.

Implementing GPS tracking to help better manage your fleet can be extremely beneficial. Developing trust with drivers is key to success, so be sure to keep them involved in the process. To make your GPS-based fleet management efforts successful, show them how it will help make their workday better, their jobs safer, and the fleet more efficient and productive.

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