Marlin Wastewater Services has seen some big changes in the past year. Company owners Jeff and Christine Kerr brought their son Jeffrey on board in 2015 and he has systematically been making improvements in the way their business utilizes new technology. “Jeffrey is changing the face of Marlin Wastewater,” says the elder Kerr, whose own parents, Marlin and Dorothy, founded the company in 1968. “Without the technology he’s been adding, it would’ve been impossible to grow the business the way we have." 

In this video, Jeff Kerr demonstrates two technology time-savers the company is using to make each job a lot easier. One is a locating system that quickly finds a small device flushed into the system and makes finding the perimeter of the septic tank a breeze. The second is new software that helps schedule jobs, even years in advance, gives detailed information about each job, and can create an invoice and handle payment information all on site, saving time and paperwork.

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