Tune in as Jamie Holder and Charles Felsher of Keith Huber explain what’s new for the vacuum truck manufacturer. Plus, learn about updated features and new products that will be rolled out for the company.

“The biggest changes have been our mainframe implementation and our processes and the way we handle our manufacturing of the trucks,” Felsher says.

Holder and Felsher say the future of Keith Huber looks bright.

“We have a very aggressive product development strategy,” Holder says. “We’re trying to redesign the product line that we have to offer the type of blower machines and things that the market is looking for.”

After more than 30 years since opening its doors, the Holder family of Bay Springs, Miss., acquired Keith Huber Inc. in April 2013. Under a new name, Keith Huber Corporation joined the Hol-Mac Family of companies, which includes Hol-Mac Corporation of Bay Springs and Anel Corporation of Winona.

For more information, visit  www.keithhuber.com.