"Taking Baby Steps": New York's O'Brien's Septic started as a small, part-time venture, but blossomed into a diversified, family-supporting pumping company.

Fortified by the belief that if you can change a baby's diaper, you can clean portable restrooms, Kathy O'Brien of Nunda, N.Y., came into the industry with no experience. Her husband, Sean, a welding shop supervisor, pumped septic tanks on evenings and weekends.

A mutual understanding to refuse to fail has driven their learn-as-we-go adventure. At the outset, Kathy O'Brien's main goal was to change the way people feel about using portable sanitation or even walking up to units. "The ones I had used were nasty," she says. "I want people to see my units and not be afraid to open the door."

Video shot by Trent Wellott.