As crews from NW Natural locate and map high-pressure gas lines with hydroexcavators in Portland, Oregon, crews use Sonetics headsets to protect their hearing and communicate with ease on the job sites.

“It’s really loud so we are using headsets. These particular headsets we got are really great for communication and for hearing protection,” says one of the NW Natural workers in the video on Sonetics’ website. “When we got them, I was like why didn’t we have these a long time ago before I had a hearing problem.”

The video goes on to show the crews at work and you can hear how easy it is for them to communicate with each other through the headsets.

“I used to have ear muffs and when we had to communicate I would pull them off to talk and when I did that I exposed myself to noise,” the NW Natural worker says. “I wouldn’t have this hearing problem if I had these a long time ago.”

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