"Family Matters" Through good and bad economic times, Shea Slade has always been able to count on the people who matter most to his upstate New York pumping business.

In 1997 Slade was working part time for a portable restroom company while holding down a full-time factory job. When the owner of the restroom business decided to make a few changes, Slade saw a hole in the market he thought he could fill.

Video shot by Trent Wellott



Shea Slade: Hi, my name is Shea Slade. I'm the owner of Shea's Outhouse Service, Inc. We established in 1997. We offer portable toilet cleanings, septic tank cleanings, installs, and now trailers.


From JAG Mobile Solutions we use PolyPortables. Earlier today we did a septic pumping with our 2001 International 3,900 gallon from Pik Rite. We pumped a residential septic and had some problems, so we had to use a probe and clean out the baffle. It was all plugged up, and the house was all backed up.


We do portable toilets. Today we used our 2011 Dodge 5500 from Imperial. This is our third truck from Imperial. We've got a 300-gallon water tank and a 500-gallon waste tank. We can haul six toilets, and this is what one of my guys runs every day.


This is Rudy, my service technician. Our daily routine as a service technician - rinse everything down, sanitize it, put the chemical and paper in it. We use a Honda motor to run the Masport pump for our vacuum, and we use a DC10 washdown pump to clean all the debris up.


Our business is family owned. We believe in family. We believe in doing everything together.