The owner of a Texas-based septic pumping business claims he wasn't allowed to dump waste as often as white-owned companies

A local septic pumper is suing the city of Taylor, Texas, for racial discrimination because he allegedly wasn’t allowed to dump waste at the city’s facility as often as companies owned by white people.

Jacky Jones, owner of JJ Septic Services, says his issues started in early 2013 when he tried dumping waste at the Mustang Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, often used by licensed companies like his.

According to the lawsuit, the three city employees in charge were “highly aggressive, verbally abusive and unprofessional” in their interactions with Jones. The charge states that the facility limited Jones’ access to once per week, but that they allowed other companies — licensed or not — to empty waste without restriction.

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“Over the course of a two and one-half year period, Jones was allowed to dump only 36 times, while his fellow Taylor-based businesses, including Amanda’s Port-o-Potties, dumped approximately 500 times, and B&L Toilets approximately 485 times,” the lawsuit says, according to Taylor Press.

Jones is seeking equal access to the plant and $241,740 in lost-business damages.

Source: Taylor Press

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