This pumper says mounting jetters on all his trucks was the best equipment decision he's ever made.

Carter’s Septic Tank Service of Second North River, New Brunswick, had always offered its customers jetting services in addition to its vacuum truck service. For co-owner Brad Carter, the single best equipment decision the company has made was to permanently mount jetters on each of its vacuum trucks.

“We had always used flusher/jetter trailers,” says Carter. “Whenever we found that we needed one, we would send a separate truck with a flusher trailer to accompany the vacuum truck.”

However, that wasn’t always the most efficient approach. When jetting power was unexpectedly needed on a job site, operators would be required to call dispatch to send along the jetter, resulting in idle time for both operators and equipment and delays for customers.

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“About 10 years ago, we made the decision to permanently mount jetters on all of our trucks,” says Carter. “I can’t tell you how many times we’ve relied on having a jetter right there, for anything from going the extra mile on a car wash pit, to unfreezing a frozen drain underneath a parking lot, deicing a sewer lateral or just spray cleaning a job site to make sure it’s presentable to the customer after we leave.”

Carter sources its jetters and flushers from Easy Kleen Pressure Systems, located in nearby Sussex Corner.

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Here's a look at one of Carter's Septic Tank Service's trucks. Co-owner Brad Carter says mounting jetters on his fleet was a great decision, as the company relies on them regularly.

“We like keeping it local whenever we can find nearby suppliers,” says Carter. “Easy-Kleen is located only about a 20-minute drive from our office, so it makes service and delivery that much easier.”

The pressure system company already offers more than 300 different equipment configurations. However, Carter notes that diverse flushing and jetting jobs may take operators anywhere from trailer parks to commercial buildings. When his company requires a custom-designed jetting or flushing solution, Easy-Kleen has always agreed to take on the custom work.

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“A few weeks ago, I called one of their salespeople because we were flushing a line on a residential job where we had to go through the basement,” he says. “However, in that house we didn’t have enough local electrical power to properly operate the jetter. Two days later, they delivered a custom-built unit that operated the same equipment using much less power. Jetting is a big part of what we do, so being able to deliver that service more efficiently has really helped us to provide better service to our customers.”

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