With many towns across the U.S. now requiring that new residential construction include visible septic vents due to evolving EPA guidelines, The Dirty Bird is poised for growth.

“Providing the proper venting of sewage gases is a safety and environmental issue that many towns and engineers are now addressing by requiring septic vent pipes in new construction,” said The Dirty Bird founder Bill Traut. “Unfortunately, septic ‘candy cane’ vents are pretty ugly, which is where my product comes in. It’s a bird bath that fits right over a septic vent that can be installed in minutes and still vents with odor control.”

Compliant with all EPA guidelines, and sold nationally through Amazon, distributors and online at www.thedirtybird.com, The Dirty Bird is a patented decorative septic vent concealer that comes in different styles and colors.

“You don’t have to have a bird bath on top. You can have a sundial on there, a garden globe, or even a potted plant,” said Traut. “You can add any accessory you want. I guarantee people will have it for a long time, too. The Dirty Bird has a lifetime warranty.”

To learn more about The Dirty Bird, which is made in the USA, visit www.thedirtybird.com. To enter weekly and monthly contests, including product giveaways, visit www.facebook.com/TheDirtyBirdLawn.

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