A locator ends up being a priceless investment for small pumping company.

To run a small, rural, family pumping company, Terry Smith relies on hard work, years of experience and some basic used equipment to get the job done. But one handy tool he wouldn’t be without is his RIDGID locator.

Smith started Smitty’s Septic Service in Barnsville, Ohio, 20 years ago. He and his team of three technicians provide drain cleaning and septic pumping for residential customers in his area. After spending many years “just guessing,” he bought the RIDGID NaviTrack Scout model locator to help find underground tanks and lines.

“And not only X marks the spot, but it’ll tell you how deep that spot is, too,” Smith says.

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The unit is intuitive to use, he explains. “And there’s two ways to do it – we can tape it on a hand snake and shove it down a line or there’s a fitting and we can put it on our electric snake and put it down a line.”

The unit has the basic features he needs. He says other units provide added functionality. “Some of them have different frequencies so they can pick up a telephone line or an electric line.” Because of his location, Smith doesn’t really need that capability, so the RIDGID model he owns perfectly fills the bill. “We live in a very rural area so we don’t have too much big city stuff to deal with, so to speak.”

Smith says the locator has been a godsend. “I think that locator is priceless. It really does the job.” And as for the cost – “It’s like a lot of things – you don’t think you can afford it but once (you make the investment) you wish you’d done it years ago.”

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Read more about Smitty’s Septic Service in this month’s issue of Pumper magazine.

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