Service units from Arthur Custom Tank LLC, a division of Mid-State Tank Inc., are available in 1,500-gallon two-compartment portable restroom units, with 400 gallons for freshwater and 1,100 gallons for waste. They are constructed of 5454 H32 polished aluminum, with stainless steel and a No. 4 satin finish also available. They have dual service inlets, a 20-inch pressure manhole with 2-inch primary connection, pressure-relief valve, four work lights, two 5-inch sight eyes located at the rear, a discharge flange on the bottom of the tank, two restroom bumper assemblies on the rear, a 36-inch aluminum cabinet on each side, a drop-down workstation on one side, a hose hanger on each side, a bucket and bottle holder, lights and wiring, full-length sills that are 34 inches wide, and full-length hose trays on both sides and across the rear. 800/722-8384;

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