The interior of the Tufway restroom from Satellite Industries is built for user comfort. A combination of floor and molded-in wall vents promote continuous airflow. The urinal drains down the vent pipe, which prevents unwanted tank odors from venting back into the cabana. The seat is positioned at the farthest point away from the urinal, away from odor and user’s direct sight. There is a convenient door hook to hang a purse or jacket. Made from high-density polyethylene, it can withstand impact and abusive handling without cracking or breaking. Its front-sloping tank top; slightly domed floor; and smooth, deep sumped tank make it easy to clean and service. Adding slope to the tank and floor surface forces liquids to drain rather than puddle, and the sumped tank improves deodorizer coverage and assures quick, complete waste removal. 800/328-3332;

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