The Titan vacuum/pressure pump from Masport has a washable stainless steel inlet filter for long filter life, integral mounting bosses for alignment with the gearbox and hydraulic mount, an automatic adjustment-free mechanical oil pump, and heat-stabilized Kevlar vanes machined to exacting tolerances. It can achieve a minimum of 27 inches Hg and is fan-cooled for higher continuous vacuum operations. It has heavy-duty bearings, Viton oil seals, vane-wear inspection ports and durable translucent high-temperature oil lines that allow visible flow of oil to the pump. End thrust protection prevents rotor-to-end-cover contact created by direct PTO drive or misaligned belt-driven systems. It comes with 3-inch NPT bolt-on valve flanges for ease of installation, a 1/4-inch NPT vane flush port, integral vacuum relief valve, an integral valve that allows the pump to operate in vacuum and pressure mode and reduces plumbing and installation costs, and O-ring end covers that eliminate air or oil leakages. 800/228-4510;

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