The Wolf noncode certified hydroexcavator from Westech Vac Systems has a debris body optimally positioned on the chassis to ensure the payload is proportionately distributed across all axles simultaneously, maximizing legal payload and improving operational efficiency. Side-mounted water tanks reduce weight by more than 40 percent, lowering the overall cost of the truck. The 1,500-gallon capacity ensures ample water storage for large or remote jobs. A top-mounted no-touch water-fill system is easily accessible from the passenger side of the vehicle. The debris body is lifted using a telescoping, dual-acting hydraulic cylinder capable of 36,000 pounds of force. When fully extended, the debris body exceeds a 45-degree dump angle for fast and efficient off-loading. To help the off-loading process, a heavy-duty, hydraulically powered tank vibrator is mounted to the belly of the debris body. 780/955-3030;

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