The Terra-Vex HV38 from Transway Systems has a 12-yard debris tank with onboard scales, allowing the operator to load the tank worry-free with extra capacity for lighter loads, saving time and money. It has a simple one-touch-operated hydraulic half-door with a 3,800 cfm 27-inch Hg hydraulically driven blower with an 8-inch telescopic boom extending to 26 feet. Water pressure is achieved with a hydraulically driven triplex pump, delivering 10 gpm at 3,600 psi from a 700-gallon HDPE baffled water tank. Water is heated with a 420,000 Btu diesel-fired burner for cold weather operation. The blower and water systems are enclosed in an insulated and heated acoustical enclosure with thermostat-controlled heater, with no winterization required. Many options are available for equipment and chassis specs. 905/578-1000;

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