Designed to provide electric motor-based hydraulic power for temporary or fixed application, the HT20EVX from Hydra-Tech Pumps meets at minimum Class I, Div. I standards and can be modified for more stringent requirements. The unit has a NEMA 7-rated control panel with available soft start to operate the 20 hp power pack. The standard variable-volume piston hydraulic pump can be fitted with a remote compensator valve, then the hydraulic outputs can be adjusted to meet performance requirements. Standard hydraulic outputs are 11 gpm at 2,700 psi. External power required for activating solenoids or safety shutdown switches is low-voltage 12-volt DC. It comes in either a skid or trailer build, and can be fitted with options including auto-start, a tamperproof roll cage, and tube and bundle oil cooler. In addition to powering submersible pumps, it can be configured to run other tools and equipment. 570/645-3779;

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