The 2500 Waste/Water Vacuum Tank from Best Enterprises offers 1,250-gallon waste and 1,250-gallon water compartments. It is built with 3/16-inch 304 stainless steel heads and baffles with the shell built out of 7-gauge stainless steel. The bed is also made out of stainless steel. It has a manway over the waste compartment, plus a winter package consisting of heating coils, collars and a heated fan blower for both high- and low-pressure water pumps. Both water pumps are installed in an insulated stainless steel box located under the bed. The unit’s drive system is hydraulic, and it includes large stainless steel workboxes on both sides of the bed. The tank comes with an easy-lift stainless steel portable restroom carrier made for two units and drop trays with bucket holders with outside switches to operate the PTO, lights and water pump. 800/288-2378;

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