Sometimes a pumper needs to get to a tank where the vacuum truck just won’t go. What do you do if you just don’t have enough vacuum hose to reach? Elastec answers that question with a vacuum system originally developed for the oil and mining sector, but is quickly finding a place among septic pumpers, municipalities and contractors — the PACS 1000.

The trailer-mounted 1,000-gallon vacuum system was originally built for removing oil, liquids, solids and sludge from reclaim pits, catch basins, wastewater lagoons, tank cars and oil sites. However, its compact size and light weight have led contractors to employ it in hard-to-reach areas.

“The PACS 1000 is a great unit for many applications. Why take a $300,000 truck to a job that only requires a 4-inch hose?” says Charlie Storey, product development specialist with Elastec. “Its small size and weight also make it a fit in northern areas where road weight limits come into play. It also costs less to license and insure.”

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The unit is available in a variety of blower and vane configurations. It is approved for highway towing (NATM) and can be pulled with a regular-size pickup truck. According to Storey, it was designed to go where large vacuum trucks can’t or for jobs where vac trucks are not cost-effective.

“If a septic pumper has a job far away from the home office, hooking up this trailer to a pickup is going to save a lot of money over driving a big vacuum truck out there for one job,” says Storey. “That makes it a great fit for rural areas too. Efficiency is a big buzz in the industry right now.”

The system includes a heavy-duty suction wand and a selection of suction hoses. Hydraulics may be used to operate a variety of auxiliary equipment, such as skimmers, pumps and pressure washers. Its frame is designed to withstand the difficult conditions of remote locations. The trailer has wide tires to keep yard damage minimal, and is equipped with safety equipment including surge brakes for highway or off-road towing. The unit is fitted with heavy-duty axles and suspension.

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Most models have integral hydraulics that allow the unit to run an oil skimmer, a transfer pump, hydraulic tools, and to lift the spoils tank to dump contents through the rear door. It is fitted with vacuum relief valves and cyclonic separator. A vacuum filter can also be added, as well as company branding.

“The great thing about this unit is that it can be designed the way you want it,” says Storey. “We’ll make it a good fit for anyone.” 618/382-2525;

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